Integrates daterangepicker into laravel-admin
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Integrates daterangepicker into laravel-admin

This is an extension to integrates Date Range Picker into laravel-admin.




composer require laravel-admin-ext/daterangepicker

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-admin-daterangepicker


Open config/admin.php, add configurations that belong to this extension at extensions section.

    'extensions' => [

        'daterangepicker' => [
            // Set to `false` if you want to disable this extension
            'enable' => true,
            // Find more configurations
            'config' => [


Use it in the form:

//Single column

$form->daterangepicker('date_range', 'Date range');

// Predefine Date Ranges.
$form->daterangepicker('date_range', 'Date range')
        'Today'        => [Carbon::today()->toDateString(), Carbon::today()->toDateString()],
        'Yesterday'    => [Carbon::yesterday()->toDateString(), Carbon::yesterday()->toDateString()],
        'Last 7 Days'  => [Carbon::today()->subDays(6)->toDateString(), Carbon::today()->toDateString()],
        'Last 14 Days' => [Carbon::today()->subDays(13)->toDateString(), Carbon::today()->toDateString()],
        'Last 30 Days' => [Carbon::today()->subDays(29)->toDateString(), Carbon::today()->toDateString()],
        'This Month'   => [Carbon::today()->startOfMonth()->toDateString(), Carbon::today()->endOfMonth()->toDateString()],
        'Last Month'   => [Carbon::today()->subMonth()->firstOfMonth()->toDateString(), Carbon::today()->subMonth()->lastOfMonth()->toDateString()],
// multilpe column
$form->daterangepicker(['created_at', 'updated_at'], 'Date range');


Help keeping the project development going, by donating a little. Thanks in advance.

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Licensed under The MIT License (MIT).