Integrates simditor into Laravel-admin
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Simditor extension for laravel-admin

This is a laravel-admin extension that integrates Simditor into the laravel-admin form.




composer require jxlwqq/simditor

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-admin-simditor


In the extensions section of the config/admin.php file, add some configuration that belongs to this extension.

'extensions' => [
    'simditor' => [
        // Set to false if you want to disable this extension
        'enable' => true,
        // Editor configuration
        'config' => [
            'upload' => [
                'url' => '/admin/api/upload', # example api route: admin/api/upload
                'fileKey' => 'upload_file',
                'connectionCount' => 3,
                'leaveConfirm' => 'Uploading is in progress, are you sure to leave this page?'
            'tabIndent' => true,
            'toolbar' => ['title', 'bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'strikethrough', 'fontScale', 'color', '|', 'ol', 'ul', 'blockquote', 'code', 'table', '|', 'link', 'image', 'hr', '|', 'indent', 'outdent', 'alignment'],
            'toolbarFloat' => true,
            'toolbarFloatOffset' => 0,
            'toolbarHidden' => false,
            'pasteImage' => true,
            'cleanPaste' => false,

The configuration of the editor can be found in Simditor Documentation.


Use it in the form form:


More resources

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Licensed under The MIT License (MIT).