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Submit suggestions & pull requests here for new notification channels
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New Notification Channels

Suggesting a new channel

Have a suggestion or working on a new channel? Please create a new issue for that service.

I'm working on a new channel

Please create an issue for it if it does not already exist, then PR you code for review.

Workflow for new channels

  1. Head over to the skeleton repo & press "Use this template" to create a repo from the skeleton.
  2. Use find/replace to replace all of the placeholders with the correct values (package name, author name, email, etc).
  3. Implement to logic for the channel & add tests.
  4. Fork this repo, add it as a remote and push your new channel to a branch.
  5. Submit a new PR against this repo for review.

Take a look at our FAQ to see our small list of rules, to provide top-notch notification channels.

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