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Blueprint is an open-source tool for rapidly generating multiple Laravel components from a single, human readable definition.

Watch a quick demo of Blueprint in action or continue reading to get started.


Blueprint requires a Laravel application running the latest stable release of Laravel, currently Laravel 10.x.


You can install Blueprint via Composer using the following command:

composer require -W --dev laravel-shift/blueprint

Blueprint will automatically register itself using package discovery.

If you wish to run the tests generated by Blueprint, you should also install the Additional Assertions package:

composer require --dev jasonmccreary/laravel-test-assertions

Basic Usage

Blueprint comes with a set of artisan commands. The one you'll use to generate the Laravel components is the blueprint:build command:

php artisan blueprint:build [draft]

The draft file contains a definition of the components to generate. Let's review the following example draft file which generates some blog components:

    title: string:400
    content: longtext
    published_at: nullable timestamp
    author_id: id:user

      query: all
      render: post.index with:posts

      validate: title, content, author_id
      save: post
      send: ReviewPost with:post
      dispatch: SyncMedia with:post
      fire: NewPost with:post
      flash: post.title
      redirect: posts.index

From these 20 lines of YAML, Blueprint will generate all of the following Laravel components:

  • A model class for Post complete with fillable, casts, and dates properties, as well as relationships methods.
  • A migration to create the posts table.
  • A factory intelligently setting columns with fake data.
  • A controller class for PostController with index and store actions complete with code generated for each statement.
  • Routes for the PostController actions.
  • A form request of StorePostRequest validating title and content based on the Post model definition.
  • A mailable class for ReviewPost complete with a post property set through the constructor.
  • A job class for SyncMedia complete with a post property set through the constructor.
  • An event class for NewPost complete with a post property set through the constructor.
  • A Blade template of post/index.blade.php rendered by PostController@index.
  • An HTTP Test for the PostController.
  • A unit test for the StorePostRequest form request.

Note: This example assumes features within a default Laravel application such as the User model and app.blade.php layout. Otherwise, the generated tests may have failures.


Browse the Blueprint Docs for full details on defining models, defining controllers, advanced configuration, and extending Blueprint.

Support Policy

Starting with version 2, Blueprint only generates code for the latest stable version of Laravel (currently Laravel 10). If you need to support older versions of Laravel, you may use version 1 or upgrade your application (try using Shift).

Blueprint still follows semantic versioning. However, it does so with respect to its grammar. Any changes to the grammar will increase its major version number. Otherwise, minor version number increases will contain new features. This includes generating code for future versions of Laravel.