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A set of useful commands to keep your Laravel applications fresh
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Shift - Console

A set of useful artisan commands to keep your Laravel applications fresh.


You can install the Shift Console via composer using the following command:

composer require --dev laravel-shift/console

Shift Console will automatically register itself using package discovery.


Shift Console requires a Laravel application running version 6.0 or higher. Not running the latest version? Run Shift.

Basic Usage

Currently, the Shift Console includes set artisan commands under the shift namespace. Currently, there is only one command - shift:check-routes.

php artisan shift:check-routes

This command checks for Dead Routes by reviewing your application routes for references to undefined controllers, methods, or invalid visibility.


Contributions may be made by submitting a Pull Request against the master branch. Any submissions should be complete with tests and adhere to the PSR-2 code style.

You may also contribute by opening an issue to report a bug or suggest a new feature.

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