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πŸ‘‹ START HERE! A curated list of Laravel Zero libraries, resources and projects
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Awesome Laravel Zero Awesome

A curated list of awesome things related to Laravel Zero


Have you found something that make Laravel Zero more awesome? Make a PR and add it to the list!

Table of Contents


Projects using Laravel Zero

  • AMP validation CLI: Test your Accelerated Mobile Pages right away from your terminal.
  • Chirp: Automatically follow Twitter users and later unfollow them if they don't follow you back.
  • Doddns: Use Digital Ocean as a kind of dynamic DNS (ddns) provider.
  • Forge Sites: List all your sites hosted on Laravel Forge.
  • Forget DB: A simple GDPR inspired tool to anonymise confidential database data.
  • Foundry: Use the artisan 'make' commands from laravel anywhere with Foundry!
  • Git Review: A tool designed for improving workflows with Git.
  • Harbor: A CLI to generate docker-compose.yml tailored for Laravel.
  • Hours: An open source time tracker for the terminal.
  • Hulksmash: Console tool to scaffold an empty PHP project.
  • Lara Lambda: Laravel, Lumen or LaravelZero ready to run on AWS Lambda.
  • Laravel Craftsman: Laravel Artisan on Steroids. CLI for crafting common assets with extended options and customizable templates.
  • Laravel Packer: Awesome Command Line Tool for speeding up your package creation.
  • Lazzier: A console tool that allows to perform post-deployment tasks from a yml-config.
  • Movie CLI: Get movies list with infomation using Laravel Zero.
  • NFL Scores: A CLI for getting NFL games data in real-time.
  • Porter: A docker based multi-site setup for local PHP development.
  • Sage: Sage is helper for development environment on macOS.
  • Security Checker: A simple tool that performs a number of checks/scans against a domain to assert its security.
  • Toggl CLI: A Toggl CLI tool.
  • Worldcup Notifications: A project to fetch FIFA World Cup matches and send event notifications.

Articles and Tutorials

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