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Upgrade Guide

Upgrading To 9.0 From 8.0

PHP & Laravel Version Requirements

Like the latest releases of the Laravel framework, Laravel Cashier now requires PHP >= 7.1.3. We encourage you to upgrade to the latest versions of PHP and Laravel before upgrading to Cashier 9.0.

The createAsStripeCustomer Method

The updateCard call was extracted from the createAsStripeCustomer method on the Billable trait in PR #588. In addition, the $token parameter was removed.

If you were calling the createAsStripeCustomer method directly you now should call the updateCard method separately after calling the createAsStripeCustomer method. This provides the opportunity for more granularity when handling errors for the two calls.

WebhookController Changes

Instead of calling the Stripe API to verify incoming webhook events, Cashier now only uses webhook signatures to verify that events it receives are authentic as of PR #591.

The VerifyWebhookSignature middleware is now automatically added to the WebhookController if the services.stripe.webhook.secret value is set in your services.php configuration file. By default, this configuration value uses the STRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET environment variable.

If you manually added the VerifyWebhookSignature middleware to your Cashier webhook route, you may remove it since it will now be added automatically.

If you were using the CASHIER_ENV environment variable to test incoming webhooks, you should set the STRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET environment variable to null to achieve the same behavior.

More information about verifying webhooks can be found in the Cashier documentation.