fixed blade templating anchor and top link and insert query examples #113

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added 996c4b6 to fix issue #102

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As with the commas you removed above, this line doesn't need it. Could you remove it for merge please :)

If you're talking about line 192 & 200 I'd say removing them was a good idea even if the code works fine with them.
Having commas there suggests, at least to me, that you can add another set of data without encapsulating the whole thing in an array. - The exact error this pull corrects.

As Arvid mentions, the comma on this line was to indicate that addtl datasets could be passed in. The prev commas were removed because they caused errors during execution. If you would prefer the comma gone here I'll remove it but my inclination would be to leave it to show more arrays can follow.

It seems I read Dayle's comment a bit sloppily. I do agree with Dayle that the last comma on line 210 should be removed, even though the code still works with it.
Anyone who's going to write this code will understand that you can add another array, no need to keep the comma.

Removed in commit 34ba872

The Laravel PHP Framework member


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