Paginator : LengthAwarePaginator appending `/` in url #10909

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harikt commented Nov 12, 2015


I came across a strange issue when using eloquent and pagination as standalone.

The url was /users and the paginated results were /users/?page=<no> .

Please note that the resolver was

Illuminate\Pagination\Paginator::currentPathResolver(function () {
    return '/users';

Further digging to find the issue, I noticed something.

$this->path = $this->path != '/' ? rtrim($this->path, '/') : $this->path;

Isn't it supposed to just return me the url path I have set. It is trimming and appending the / . That seems I don't have a way to resolve this.

Can I send a PR removing the appending of / .

Thank you.

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