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@TBlindaruk TBlindaruk released this Jan 29, 2019 · 171 commits to 5.7 since this release

v5.7.23 (2019-01-29)


  • Added AbstractPaginator::getOptions() method (#27273)
  • Added Communication link failure to DetectsLostConnections trait (#27307)
  • Added orWhere() proxy for scopes to EloquentBuilder (#27281, 2e6fe85)
  • Allow the app path to be configured (#27332, d73e672)
  • Added config for using WhatFailureGroupHandler when StackDriver created for Logger (#27308 ,6a92651)


  • Fixed QueueableCollection serialization of Eloquent Models when using Binary IDs (#27271)
  • Replaced newModelQuery() with newQueryWithoutRelationships() for UPDATE/DELETE queries (#27277)


  • Apply parameters to entire localization array (#27254)
  • Added line about expiring password reset in notification email (#27324, 80c5aec)
  • "Go Home" link will redirect to the home route on exception page (#27343)
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