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@TBlindaruk TBlindaruk released this Apr 10, 2019 · 999 commits to 5.8 since this release

v5.8.11 (2019-04-10)


  • Allowed to call macros directly on Illuminate\Support\Facades\Date (#28129)
  • Allowed lock to be configured in local filesystems (#28124)
  • Added tracking of the exit code in scheduled event commands (#28140)


  • Fixed of escaping single quotes in json paths in Illuminate\Database\Query\Grammars\Grammar (#28160)
  • Fixed event discovery with different Application Namespace (#28145)


  • Added view path to end of compiled blade view (in case if path is not empty) (#28117, #28141)
  • Added realpath to app_path during string replacement in Illuminate\Foundation\Console\Kernel::load() (82ded9a)


  • Refactoring of Illuminate\Foundation\Events\DiscoverEvents::within() (#28122, 006f999)
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