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Changing php-mongo-driver version 1.2.9 to 1.3.3 #733

merged 1 commit into from Nov 26, 2017


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fppz commented Nov 23, 2017

Allows support for latest MongoDB driver library:

@svpernova09 svpernova09 merged commit 70614cb into laravel:master Nov 26, 2017

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svpernova09 Nov 26, 2017




svpernova09 commented Nov 26, 2017


fragkp added a commit to fragkp/homestead that referenced this pull request Jun 26, 2018

update (#8)
* Install Elasticsearch (#683)

* add script to install elasticsearch

* add top level config to install ES

* silently accept the Java license

* start service after installation

* Rename make command's default name property (#682)

The previous name will conflict with the symfony/console in its 3.4.x
version and given that this was just for internal use, it was renamed.

*  Use update-alternatives instead of symlinks for php version management on cli (#684)

* Create an ngrok config file that allows access to the web inspection feature. (#685)

* 💎 🔖 Tagging 6.3.0

* ⬆️ Upgrade Dependencies

* Revert "⬆️ Upgrade Dependencies"

This reverts commit 77a55a2.

* Fix a few more issues with MongoDB provisioning. (#686)

* Hide "error" output from adding Mongo key.

* Create Mongo user in setup, not with each DB.

* Start Mongo server earlier in script.

* Don't restart Mongo after creating each database.

* Remove fix for old apt-get issue. (#688)

*  ❄️ 💎 🔖 Add support for PHP 7.2, Tag release 6.4.0 (#691)

* Add netmask configuration option for network settings (#693)

* Improve Apache VirtualHost Log File Names (#696)

VirtualHost section of both (SSL/ Non SSL) ErrorLog and CustomLog are not consistent. 

Currently the ${APACHE_LOG_DIR} is parsed as '' and results into: `ErrorLog /error.log`.

Escaping the APACHE_LOG_DIR and adding the site name prefix will write to same file and cause less confusion.

* Refactor cron schedule script (#692)

* Create cron.d directory only if it does not exists

* Fix indentation

* Create site variables for script readability

* 🚑 Change default TLD to .test to avoid MacOS loopback issue (#697)

Silly Macs

* 💚 🔖 💎 Tagging 6.5.0 Add 7.2 to Travis config (#698)

* Use :: operator instead of . in the json parse statement

This allows to maintain consistency with the YAML::load above it.

* 🔐 Self-Signed Wildcard Certificates (#701)

* Wildcard Self-signed Certificate

* Wildcard Self-signed Certificate

* Wildcard Self-signed Certificate

* Keep the native colors from the provisioning scripts (#700)

As stated in the vagrant documentation, by default, vagrant
automatically colors output in green and red depending on wheter the
output is from stdout or stderr. The keep_color option allows to
maintain the original colors outputted by the provisioning scripts.

* Allow autonetwork plugin to be used. (#702)

* Allow autonetwork plugin to be used.

Auto network should allow developers to have several homestead boxes running at once without ever having to think about IP addresses.

* Flip autonetwork conditional.

Since Autonetwork is the exception, it should be placed in the else section.

* Modify bind directive before mongod is started (#704)

This fixes a non-obvious regression introduced in laravel@34e0315 .

Please see the comments at the above URL for details.

* Add support for the vagrant-hostmanager plugin (#708)

* Move php-fpm env to pool configuration (#711)

* Move php-fpm env to pool configuration

Setting environment variables in php-fpm.conf via the env[] array is
broken in PHP 5.6. Moving the setting to the /etc/php/*/php-fpm/pool.d/www.conf
works perfectly fine. Fixes #625, fixes #710.

* add missing variable cleanup for PHP 7.2

* Update scripts file permissions (#720)

* Update shell script permissions

By default they don't have execution permissions, so if you want to use
them in the `` you need to do something like.

sudo bash /vagrant/scripts/ 8080

With these new permissions you can do this directly

sudo /vagrant/scripts/ 8080

* Ensure new lines at the end of files and after the shebang

This will allow to mantain consistency between the script files

*  ❄️ Allow Homestead.yaml to override default SSH port for Vagrant (#724)

To override default SSH port for vagrant add `default_ssh_port: 64444` to your Homestead.yaml file.

* Fix for cron.service: Start request repeated too quickly. (#725)

* Update

restarts to often

* Create

only need to restart once.

* Update homestead.rb

restart cron daemon once to prevent 
homestead systemd[1]: cron.service: Start request repeated too quickly.

* added symfony 4 support (#726)

* Refactor cron provisioning (#730)

Removes the flag to check if a site has schedule to trigger the service
restart. Now it makes the check directly and its more expressive.

Also, it inlines the script to restart the service.

* Restart crond service once per provision (#731)

As discussed in #730 It will now restart the crond service once per
provision instead of certain situations involving the schedule key in
the sites settings.

* updating php mongo driver 1.2.9 to 1.3.3 (#733)

* 💎 🔖 Tag Release v6.6.0

* Refactoring tests (#736)

* Use assertFileExists instead of assertTrue(file_exists())

* Remove unnecessary aliases for Test Case

* Use assertArraySubset when comparing arrays

* Use assertFileEquals when comparing files

* StyleCI Fixes

* ⬆️  Upgrading dependencies (#737)

* ⬆️ Drop support for Symfony 2.x, upgrade 3.x to 3.3 (#738)

* Fixing #740 (#741)

*  ❄️ 💎 🔖 Default to PHP 7.2 Tag v7.0.0 (#743)

* Updates PHP version (#744)

* 🚑 Elasticserach should autostart if it's installed (#748)

*  Update info requested in issue template, bump Virtualbox version (#749)

* 💎 🔖 Tagging v7.0.1 (#750)

* Correct the regex used for the fastcgi_split_path_info paramter. (#753)

This is to prevent 403 errors in some circumstances.

* Pass .profile variables to cron (#760)

Pass `.profile` environment variables to cron.

* ❄️ Set ENV variables before we restart cron. (Specificly for .profile) (#761)

* Update MongoDB 3.4 -> 3.6 (#762)

* updating php mongo driver 1.2.9 to 1.3.3
* updating mongodb from 3.4 to 3.6

* add elasticsearch 6 support (#767)

- separate scripts for v5 and v6
- add configuration settings to set version

* Update default MySQL charset to utf8mb4_unicode_ci (#769)

* Fix default MySQL  charset to utf8mb4 (#771)

I completely forgot to specify the encoding utf8mb4 when adding PR #769 :)

* sign SSL certificates with a custom root certificate (#773)

*  Add Zend Z-Ray support (#775)

*  🚑 Create Z-Ray VirtualHost block when toggled on and using PHP 7.2 (#777)

* 🚑 Only create symlink if zray site setting set, remove otherwise (#780)

* Hide progress during composer self-update (#778)

* Don’t add bindfs configs if the share type is not NFS (#787)

You’ll get errors when trying to access these folders otherwise:

ls: reading directory '.': Software caused connection abort
ls: cannot open directory '.': Transport endpoint is not connected

* sendfile param changed to off (#788)

* Unique Hostname CN for Root Certificate (#789)

* Unique Hostname CN for Certificate

Allow for unique hostname configuration to differentiate between certs.

* Add Homestead to Name

make sure people know it is not only their hostname, but a homestead box.

* Update the SilverStripe Nginx config (#791)

* Update the SilverStripe Nginx config 

Updated the SilverStripe Nginx config to be inline with the new version 4 see 

I can create a new file to keep support for legacy versions.

* Updated the sendfile to off

* 🚑 Don't use the Z-Ray Extension unless the user has a site using it. (#810)

* 💎 🔖 Tagging 7.1.1

* 💎 🔖 Update version to 7.1.2

*  Allow user to specify explicit version of ES to install (#824)

Must specify a valid major version or valid version or the install process will blow up with errors about not being able to find the specified version.

* 💎 🔖 Tagging 7.2.0

* ❄️ 💎 🔖 Require box v5.2.x and tag v7.3.0

* Enable mod_headers (#835)

* mongodb extension to 1.4.0 (#840)

mongodb extension to 1.4.0 required with library version 1.3.0 
mongodb/mongo-php-library#498 (comment)

* Certificate for a website was generated as SHA-1 instead of SHA-256. This fix ensure, that correct certificate is generated every time. (#845)

* Update aliases (#846)

Added some common aliases for Yarn/NPM utilities.

* Add Object Storage with Minio (#848)

* adding support for minio

* changing default port

* 💎 🔖 Tagging v7.4.1

* 🚑 Ensure we get MariaDB version 10.2 (#854)

* 💎 🔖 release v7.4.2

* Adding support for graph database Neo4j (#856)

* Add .editorconfig file (#857)

* Trim trailing whitespaces and add missing newline characters

* Add .editorconfig file

* Fix the file permission of the install scripts. (#858)

* Fix the issue that Neo4j cannot serve requests immediately after startup. (#861)

*  Add support for "crystal" site type. (#863)


* 🚑 check deeper into apache2 folder structure (#864)

* 💎 🔖 Tagging v7.5.0

* Define types for "apigility", "expressive", and "zf" applications (#865)

Adds the script ``, which sets up an nginx host for use with
any of Apigility, Expressive, or zend-mvc applications, as they all use
the same setup.

In each case, developers should do the following in `Homestead.yaml`:

- create a `folders` mapping that maps the application root directory to
  a directory in the vagrant box.
- add a site that
  - defines a "to" setting that appends "/public" to the "to" mapping from the above step.
  - uses a "type" of either:
    - "apigility"
    - "expressive"
    - "zf"

The patch updates `scripts/homestead.rb` to add a `case` statement that
redefines the `type` if either `apigility`, `expressive`, or `symfony`
are detected. In the first two instances, they map to `zf`; the last
maps to `symfony2` (which it did previously via a conditional).

* 💎 🔖 Tagging v7.6.0

* 🚑 Set Mutex value in Apache config to prevent auto reload issues on boot

resolves #868

* 💎 🔖 Tagging 7.6.1 release

* Prevent duplicate Mutex posixsem entries (#869)

I've noticed that the echo mutex fix appends that line to /etc/apache2/apache2.conf for each site registered on each provision. Not a huge problem, but perhaps we should grep for its presence first?

* 💎 🔖 Tagging v7.6.2

* 🎨 rearranging blocks of optional installers

* ❄️ Require Vagrant >= 2.1.0, Base box > 6.0.0, Remove Z-Ray overrides

* 💎 🔖 Tagging v7.7.0

* Fix (#872)

Add the proper installations of PHP dev installs to the Mongo DB script so that we can use PHPize to properly install the modules.

* Update PHP Mongodb Driver (#876)

* updating php mongodb driver to 1.4.4

* Adding mysqldump.sql.gz to .gitignore (#881)

* Don't ask for confirmation when installing php-dev packages. (#878)

* 🎨 Cleanup mongo installer script

* Update (#880)

* Update

* Add support for database backup before destroying vm (#883)

* ❄️ Add phly/changelog-generator to build standardized changelogs

* 💎 🔖 Tagging v7.8.0

* Support for timeseries database / visualization (#885)

* added support for influxdb provisioning

* added support for chronograf

* added support for grafana

* added cleanup chronograf deb file

* 🚑 Fix broken mongodb install when there are PHP 7.x updated packages (#887)

* 💎 🔖 Tagging v7.9.0
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