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Co-authored-by: Taylor Otwell <>
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Upgrade Guide

With every upgrade, make sure to publish Horizon's assets:

php artisan horizon:publish

Upgrading To 5.0 From 4.x

Minimum PHP Version

PHP 7.3 is now the minimum required version.

Minimum Laravel Version

Laravel 8.0 is now the minimum required version.

Chronos Replaced By Carbon


The internal usage of Chronos has been replaced by Carbon to be consistent with the rest of the Laravel ecosystem.

timeoutAt & delay Flags Deprecated


timeoutAt has been deprecated in favor of retryUntil, while delay has been deprecated in favor of backoff. See the related Laravel PR for more information:

Upgrading To 4.0 From 3.x

Minimum Laravel Version


Laravel 7.0 is now the minimum required version of the framework.

Predis No Longer Required


Because Predis is no longer maintained, it's no longer a required dependency. If you want to continue to use Predis, you should explicitly require it in your composer.json file.

Default Predis Prefix


The default Predis prefix now starts with the app name. If you would like to continue using the old prefix, you should add HORIZON_PREFIX="horizon:" to your .env file.

Horizon Assets Command


The horizon:assets command has been renamed to horizon:publish to be similar to other first party packages.

Upgrading To 3.0 From 2.x

Minimum Laravel version

Laravel 5.7 is now the minimum required version of the framework and you should upgrade to continue using Horizon.