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Sort Composer packages by default

It's much easier to search for packages in the composer.json file when they're sorted by default.
1 parent d1ba0c3 commit 483c9678c6e647870beb80aabfb24eb4bcede0e5 @driesvints driesvints committed on GitHub Dec 17, 2016
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@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@
"config": {
- "preferred-install": "dist"
+ "preferred-install": "dist",
+ "sort-packages": true

2 comments on commit 483c967

bbashy commented on 483c967 Dec 19, 2016

Good stuff! Any way to make it update the sort without reinstalling a package in require & require-dev?


run the require command with an exact version of an installed package, that will sort it without reinstalling anything

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