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cleaning up crypter.

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1 parent 874f02c commit ebcf34e3b4f5504067d6f3b096c95102aaced16a @taylorotwell taylorotwell committed
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  1. +2 −3 laravel/crypter.php
5 laravel/crypter.php
@@ -45,15 +45,14 @@ public static function decrypt($value)
// To decrypt the value, we first need to extract the input vector and
// the encrypted value. The input vector size varies across different
- // encryption ciphers and modes, so we will get the correct size for
- // the cipher and mode being used by the class.
+ // encryption ciphers and modes, so we'll get the correct size.
$iv = substr($value, 0, static::iv_size());
$value = substr($value, static::iv_size());
// Once we have the input vector and the value, we can give them both
// to Mcrypt for decryption. The value is sometimes padded with \0,
- // so we will trim all of the padding characters from the string.
+ // so we will trim all of the padding characters.
$key = static::key();
return rtrim(mcrypt_decrypt(static::$cipher, $key, $value, static::$mode, $iv), "\0");

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