@svpernova09 svpernova09 released this Nov 30, 2017 · 50 commits to master since this release

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  • ❄️ Upgrade before packing - Default to php 7.2 (#128)
  • 🚑 🐬 Change how we use debconf set selections, add bash aliases to .zshrc (#127)
  • ❄️ Add certificate settings to php.ini (#126)
  • ❄️ Removing MSSQL drivers. Unable to get a working configuration in any PHP version (#125)
  • ❄️ 💎 🔖 🚀 🎨 ⚡️ v5.0.0 Drop all manual build proceses in favor of utilizing Packer (#129)

This is a pretty big departure in what settler has traditionally done.

Instead of having to worry about installing guest extensions and a build process for each provider we can leverage the work done on the chef/bento repo and utilize Packer to build the Homestead box.

This allows us to ship the most up to date Ubuntu box without having to rely on the release schedule of chef/bento base boxes that we have been using.