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@svpernova09 svpernova09 released this May 29, 2019

ALPHA Homestead v8 Upgrade notes ALPHA

*** STOP! STOP ! STOP!***

If you are not comfortable debugging Vagrant and Homestead STOP NOW!

This is an ALPHA release! It is not for the faint of heart.

You will need the version_9 branch of Homestead

  • New “Feature” syntax to install optional services or tools such as Golang, MariaDB, etc.

Syntax to enable GoLang and MariaDB:

    - golang: true
    - mariadb: true
  • Added support for PHP 5.6 & 7.0
  • Blackfire Support has been moved to a feature and must be defined as such within Homestead.yaml
  • Z-Ray support has been removed
  • If you are using Laravel Dusk or any other Webdriver utility you will need to enable the webdriver feature.
  • Dot net core support has been removed.
  • Ruby & Rails support has been removed.
  • Site types have been moved to a folder to appear more obvious how they work/what they are.
  • Probably more I'm forgetting...


  • Add the following to Homestead.yaml: box: v8.0.0-alpha2
  • checkout v9.0.0-alpha2 of the Homestead repo.
  • Ensure you have converted any extra options to the new "feature" syntax (See Upgrade Notes)
  • vagrant destroy -f && vagrant up
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