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Laravel Spark, Mollie edition |


If you'd like to have a chat, join us on the dedicated Discord channel.

Bugs and feature requests will be tracked here in the repository. Feel free to open a ticket.


Create a new Laravel project using the Laravel installer:

laravel new my-project

Next, add the following repository to your composer.json file:

        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""

You should also add the following dependency to your composer.json file's require section:

"laravel/spark-aurelius-mollie": "^1.0"

Note: Spark's installer will wire up everything for you, including Cashier and the VAT calculator. No need to follow their installation instructions.

Next, run the composer update command. You may be prompted for a GitHub token in order to install the private Spark repository. Composer will provide a link where you can create this token.

Once the dependencies are installed, add the following service providers to your app.php configuration file:


Next, run the install command:

php artisan spark:install --force --mollie

or for team billing:

php artisan spark:install --force --mollie --team-billing

Set the MOLLIE_KEY and database settings in the .env file. You can obtain test and live keys in the Mollie dashboard.

Once Spark is installed, add the following provider to your app.php configuration file:


Finally, you are ready to run the npm install, npm run dev, and php artisan migrate commands. Once these commands have completed, you are ready to enjoy Spark!

Linking The Storage Directory

Once Spark is installed, you should link the public/storage directory to your storage/app/public directory. Otherwise, user profile photos stored on the local disk will not be available:

php artisan storage:link

Schedule Cashier

Schedule a periodic job in \App\Console\Kernel to execute Cashier::run().

     * Define the application's command schedule.
     * @param  \Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Schedule  $schedule
     * @return void
    protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)
            ->daily() // run as often as you like (Daily, monthly, every minute, ...)
            ->withoutOverlapping(); // make sure to include this

Configuring billing plans

  1. Set up your subscription plans as described in the laravel/cashier-mollie documentation.
  2. Then configure the SparkServiceProvider as described in the Spark documentation.

Local testing

You can use valet share (a ngrok wrapper) to make your local setup reachable for Mollie's webhook calls.

Make sure to use the ngrok generated url both in your .env file (APP_URL) and in your browser.

Note on mandated payments in test mode

A mandate for subsequent payments is obtained from the first payment (where the customer proceeds through Mollie's checkout).

The subsequent mandated payments are triggered by Spark. Once the payment has status paid, Spark's webhook will be called and an invoice will become available. Depending on how long the clearance takes, this takes anywhere between 1 second and 48 hours.

In production, Spark's webhook will be called once the payment has been paid (or has failed).

In test mode this is not the case. The payment status will not get updated automatically. You can do so manually in your browser using:

$url = mollie()->payments()->get("the_payment_id_here")->_links->changePaymentState->href;

More information is available in the Mollie docs.

Running on Laravel Vapor

Running on Vapor requires you to override:

  1. the profile picture upload features (for both teams and users)
  2. the invoice pdf generation and download

Here's an easy package to get you started: sandervanhooft/vaporize-spark-mollie.