A simple way of working with site-wide announcements with Laravel 5
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Laravel Announcement

A package that simplifies the management of site-wide announcements. With "Laravel Announcement" you can display auto-expiring announcements.


1- composer require laravelhungary/announcement

  • plz note that the package use predis/predis for all of its operation.

2- Add the followings to config/app.php

'providers' => [


'aliases' => [

    'Announce' => LaravelHungary\Announcement\Facades\Announce::class,

3- run php artisan vendor:publish and you will get


4- That's it.

if you need to broadcast the announcements through something like web-sockets please check Event Broadcasting



Create Announcement

Announce::create($title, $message, $type, $ttl);


  • title a short message.

For example: Breaking news!

  • message A bit longer message.

For example: Our servers are under a DDoS attack. We are trying hard to mitigate it.

  • type Type of the announcement.

For example: success,info,danger,warning (or anything you would like to use) , Default is: info

  • ttl When should the announcement expire. [Time to live] in seconds.

Default is: 60 seconds

Display of Announcements

put {!! Announce::display() !!} anywhere you want your announcement to be visible.



Create Announcement

Announce::broadcast($title, $message, $type, $ttl, $transition, $channel_name);


  • title,message,type,ttl same as the normal announcement

  • transition what is animation type you want.

For example: fade , bounce, etc... Check Vue Transition , Default is: fade

  • channel_name change it to override the config value "dont forget to also change it in the component file"

Default is: public-announcement-channel

Display of Announcements

  • note that the package doesnt care what driver you use pusher or socket.io , it will just work 🍺.
  • we also use VueJs 2, but if you want to use something else then ignore the below and you are free to build your own.

1- put Vue.component('my-announcement', require('./components/Announcement-bootstrap.vue')); into your app.js file

2- put <my-announcement></my-announcement> anywhere you want this announcement to show up. For example: your layout.blade.php file

if you want to use something like Animate.css follow Custom Transition Classes

Package Maintainers

Buy us a coffee :)

Click here to lend your support to: laravel-announcement and make a donation at pledgie.com !