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A set of patches that fix bugs and improve the functionality of Laravel Nova.
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Laravel Rot Ebal Nova Patches

A set of patches that fix bugs and improve the functionality of Laravel Nova.

Currently developed, compatible and tested with Nova 2.9.3.


You can install the package in to a Laravel app that uses Nova via composer:

composer require laravelrotebal/nova-patches

All patches will be applied automatically!

Why is this package needed?

  • Core bug fixes.
  • Core improved functioning.
  • Core smell code correction.
  • More flexible core code for best practices.


  • Manually choose which patches to apply.
  • Automatically rebuild and publish frontend resources.
  • Or find a way to make patches for frontend compiled resources.
  • Create tests for testing patched functionality.
  • Compatible with other versions of Nova.
  • Uniform naming of patches.

Depends on the package vaimo/composer-patches

Applies a patch from a local or remote file to any package that is part of a given composer project. Patches can be defined both on project and on package level. Optional support for patch versioning, sequencing, custom patch applier configuration and composer command for testing/troubleshooting patches.

How it works

Directory patches/laravel/nova contains patch files. One patch file for one bugfix or feature improvement.

Section $.extra.patches.laravel/nova in composer.json contains the patch files to be applied in the specified order.

After run install, require, update, patch:redo, patch:undo commands of composer the specified patches will be applied to the specified packages in the vendor directory.

Some patches may modify the source files for the frontend. Which will require manual start of the assembly of resources and possibly their publication.

Patch list


Change the format to simplify the applying of patches.

Affected files:

  • resources/js/fields.js

Need rebuild frontend: no


HasManyField can be displayed in the index.

Affected files:

  • resources/js/components/Index/HasManyField.vue
  • resources/js/fields.js
  • src/Fields/HasMany.php

Need rebuild frontend: yes


HasOneField can be displayed in the index.

Affected files:

  • resources/js/components/Index/HasOneField.vue
  • resources/js/fields.js
  • src/Fields/HasOne.php

Need rebuild frontend: yes


forAttachedResource(), forAttachedResourceUpdate() of ActionEvent independent of NovaRequest.

Affected files:

  • src/Http/Controllers/AttachedResourceUpdateController.php
  • src/Http/Controllers/PivotFieldDestroyController.php
  • src/Http/Controllers/ResourceAttachController.php
  • src/Actions/ActionEvent.php

Need rebuild frontend: no


ActionEvent::forResourceDetach() can do mass detachment.

Affected files:

  • src/Actions/ActionEvent.php
  • src/Http/Controllers/ResourceDetachController.php

Need rebuild frontend: no


ActionEvent::forResourceCreate() will not duplicate creation events.

Affected files:

  • src/Actions/ActionEvent.php

Need rebuild frontend: no

How to rebuild frontend

Go to laravel/nova directory and execute:

npm i && cp webpack.mix.js.dist webpack.mix.js && npm run prod

For example, I have a rebuild process in 38 seconds. This is a long time!

After successful rebuild, be sure to run:

php artisan nova:publish
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