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Larceny is a simple and efficient implementation of the Scheme programming language. It supports the R7RS Red Edition, R6RS, R5RS, and IEEE/ANSI standards for Scheme on several platforms.

Main Larceny Web Site

To download released versions of Larceny, see Larceny's official web site at .

Bug/Ticket Submissions

If you're here to report a bug, please do so. And we thank you.

Developer Resources

If you're a developer or user interested in Larceny's nightly builds, please see Larceny's wiki pages.

Building Larceny from Source

If you cloned this repository, be sure to read README-FIRST.txt. More documentation is also available in doc/, such as these files and directories:

  • doc/UserManual/
  • doc/LarcenyNotes/

among many others.

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