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-= swfupload-rails-authentication
+# swfupload-rails-authentication
Demo Rails 3.0.0.rc app showing SWFUpload working in tandem with restful-authentication, CSRF protection and paperclip.
-== Usage
- gem install bundler --pre
- bundle install
- rake db:migrate
- rake db:seed
- rails s
+[![Still Maintained](](
-== Login
+As you can see by the above badge, I am not keeping this updated. Please fork and update if are so inclined.
-The restful authentication test user;
+## Usage
- username: quentin
- password: monkey
+gem install bundler --pre
+bundle install
+rake db:migrate
+rake db:seed
+rails s
+## Login Credentials
+username: quentin<br>
+password: monkey
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