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A webpack plugin for hot-reload chrome extension in develop.
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A webpack plugin for hot-reload chrome extension in develop.


Befor I develop chrome extension, I found I need a tool to reload extension and website when extension files changed. I found two projects: wcer and crx-reload.But they not good enough, cann't accord different file change to reload, and wcer no longer update after 2018.1. So, I wirte the plugin for better develop chrome extension.


crx-reload-webpack-plugin is a webpack4 plugin for reload extension and website when your extension files changed.


  • auto listen manifest.js file change and generate corresponding manifest.json.
  • reload different website accord different file change.
    • manifest.js: reload the extension.
    • content: reaload all tab.
    • popup: just reload the popup.html tab.
    • background: just reload background.html tab.
    • options: just reload options.html tab.
    • custom: you can appoint listen files and injected file.



npm i -D crx-reload-webpack-plugin


const CrxReloadPlugin = require('crx-reload-webpack-plugin')

module.exports = {
  ...: ...,
  plugins: [
    new CrxReloadPlugin({
      manifest: path.resolve(__dirname, './src/manifest.js'),
      port: 9999, // the server port in plugin, be used for notice chrome reload
      path: {
        background: path.resolve(__dirname, './src/background/')
  ...: ...

Options type:

  • manifest: string (required)

    This is manifest file absolute path. The js file need export a object like manifest.json.

  • port: number (optional)

    Default is 9999. This is the server's port in plugin. The server is used for notice chrome reload.

  • path: object (optional)

    • background: Array<string>
    • options: Array<string>
    • popup: Array<string>
    • content: Array<string>

    This object is a collection of absolute paths. Plugin will listen these paths. For example:

    paths: {
      background: ['work/testExtension/src/background.js'],
      options: ['work/testExtension/src/options/'],
      popup: ['work/testExtension/src/popup.js','work/testExtension/src/popup.html'],
      content: ['work/testExtension/src/options.js']

    When paths.options inclued files change, the options html tab reload, other field same. Its value is a string array, can include file or folder.

    Is's default value is:

    const context = webpackConfig.context // such as /work/testExtension/src
    paths: {
      background: [path.resolve(context, 'background')], // ../src/background/*
      options: [path.resolve(context, 'options')], // ../src/options/*
      popup: [path.resolve(context, 'popup')], // ../src/popup/*
      content: [path.resolve(context, 'content')] // ../src/content/*
  • extraPaths Array<object> (optional)

    • name: string, is a key and it cann't repeat.
    • inject: string, is a path that is a js files , will be injected.
    • listens: Array<string>, is a array of path string, when these file changed, reload injected js and its html.
  • logLevel string (optional)

    Default is error, it is plugin log level, you can set to info to get plugin work detail.

  • autoRetry bollean (optional)

    Default is false. When server (in plugin) was stop, this decide client (Chrome) whether auto reconnect. You can manually reload background.js tab.


You can reference template/ and config/webpack.extension.js. This is a basic extension develop structure.


I recommand you open chrome-extension://xxxxxxxxx/_generated_background_page.html page to develop background.js.Otherwise, reload background will failure, because in devtool page(default) cann't get tab's id to reload.

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