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Third party libraries for the FleCSI project.
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This project provides an easy way to build and install many third party libraries.


HDF5 requires CMake >= 3.1.0

% module load cmake

% module load git/2.11.0

% module load gcc/7.3.0

% module load openmpi/1.10.5

% git clone --recursive

% cd flecsi-third-party

% mkdir build

% cd build

% ccmake ../

Press "c" to configure. Enable libraries desired. (Press enter to change/confirm a line, press c again, possibly a couple times, and finally g for generate.) IMPORTANT: set the installation path for the libraries in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.

% make

% make install

Adding to Third-Party

  1. Either add .tar file to files/ or link in the source from the repo
  2. Add <your-library-name>.cmake in cmake/
  • Reference caliper.cmake if .tar file is added to files/
  • Reference cinch-utils.cmake if the repo source is linked in

Using Third-Party Container

  1. docker pull laristra/flesci-third-party:fedora
  2. docker run -it laristra/flesci-third-party:fedora /bin/bash
  3. Download packages that are not already installed, but needed

Building Third-Party with USE_SYSTEM_LIBS=ON/OFF on Travis-CI

  1. .travis.yml: Specify SYSTEM_LIBS=ON or SYSTEM_LIBS=OFF in the matrix of env for Travis to pass into the Docker through --build-arg
  2. docker/Dockerfile: Use ARG SYSTEM_LIBS to assign the value passed in from Travis to SYSTEM_LIBS and include -DUSE_SYSTEM_LIBS=${SYSTEM_LIBS} in cmake command

For more information on Travis-CI and Docker setup, see here

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