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  • Fix: make document.write calls insert new elements correctly. (johanoverip, kblomquist).
  • Fix: <input> tags with no type attribute now return a default value of "text" when calling inputEl.getAttribute("type").


  • Fix: stylesheets with "joining" rules (i.e. those containing comma-separated selectors) now apply when using getComputedStyle. (chad3814, godmar)
  • Add: support for running the tests using @aredridel's html5 parser, as a prelude toward maybe eventually making this the default and fixing various parsing bugs.

0.3.1 (hotfix)

  • Fix: crashes when invalid selectors were present in stylesheets.


  • Fix: a real querySelector implementation, courtesy of the nwmatcher project, solves many outstanding querySelector bugs.
  • Add: matchesSelector, again via nwmatcher.
  • Add: support for styles coming from <style> and <link rel="stylesheet"> elements being applied to the results of window.getComputedStyle. (chad3814)
  • Add: basic implementation of focus() and blur() methods on appropriate elements. More work remains.
  • Fix: script filenames containing spaces will now work when passed to jsdom.env. (TomNomNom)
  • Fix: elements with IDs toString, hasOwnProperty, etc. could cause lots of problems.
  • Change: A window's load event always fires asynchronously now, even if no external resources are necessary.
  • Change: turning off mutation events is not supported, since doing so breaks external-resource fetching.


  • Fix: URL resolution was broken on pages that included href-less <base> tags.
  • Fix: avoid putting attr in the global scope when using node-canvas. (starsquare)
  • Add: New SkipExternalResources feature accepts a regular expression. (fgalassi)


  • Un-revert: cssstyle has fixed its memory problems, so we get back accurate cssText and style properties again.

0.2.17 (hotfix)

  • Revert: had to revert the use of the cssstyle package. cssText and style properties are no longer as accurate.
  • Fix: cssstyle was causing out-of-memory errors on some larger real-world pages, e.g.


  • Update: Sizzle version updated to circa September 2012.
  • Fix: when setting a text node's value to a falsy value, convert it to a string instead of coercing it to "".
  • Fix: Use the cssstyle package for CSSStyleDeclaration, giving much more accurate cssText and style properties on all elements. (chad3814)
  • Fix: the checked property on checkboxes and radiobuttons now reflects the attribute correctly.
  • Fix: HTMLOptionElement's text property should return the option's text, not its value.
  • Fix: make the name property only exist on certain specific tags, and accurately reflect the corresponding name attribute.
  • Fix: don't format outerHTML (especially important for <pre> elements).
  • Fix: remove the value property from Text instances (e.g. text nodes).
  • Fix: don't break in the presence of a String.prototype.normalize method, like that of sugar.js.
  • Fix: include level3/xpath correctly.
  • Fix: many more tests passing, especially related to file:/// URLs on Windows. Tests can now be run with npm test.


  • Fix: make sure that doctypes don't get set as the documentElement (Aria Stewart)
  • Add: HTTP proxy support for jsdom.env (Eugene Ware)
  • Add: .hostname and .pathname properties to Anchor elements to comply with WHATWG standard (Avi Deitcher)
  • Fix: Only decode HTML entities in text when not inside a <script> or <style> tag. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • Fix: HTMLSelectElement single selection implemented its type incorrectly as 'select' instead of 'select-one' (John Roberts)


  • Fix: when serializing single tags use ' />' instead of '/>' (kapouer)
  • Fix: support for contextify simulation using vm.runInContext (trodrigues)
  • Fix: allow jsdom.env's config.html to handle file paths which contain spaces (shinuza)
  • Fix: Isolate QuerySelector from prototype (Nao Iizuka)
  • Add: setting textContent to '' or clears children (Jason Davies)
  • Fix: jsdom.env swallows exceptions that occur in the callback (Xavi)


  • Fix: remove unused style property which was causing explosions in 0.2.12 and node 0.4.7


  • Fix: do not include gmon.out/v8.log/tests in npm distribution


  • Add: allow non-unique element ids (Avi Deitcher)
  • Fix: make contexify an optional dependency (Isaac Schlueter)
  • Add: scripts injected by jsdom are now marked with a 'jsdom' class for serialization's sake (Peter Lyons)
  • Fix: definition for ldquo entity (Andrew Morton)
  • Fix: access NamedNodeMap items via property (Brian McDaniel)
  • Add: upgrade sizzle from 1.0 to fe2f6181 which is roughly 1.5.1
  • Add: documentation now includes jsdom.level(x, 'feature')
  • Fix: make toArray and item on NodeList objects non-enumerable properties
  • Add: a reference to window.close in the readme
  • Fix: Major performance boost (Felix Gnass)
  • Fix: Using querySelector :not() throws a ReferenceError (Felix Gnass)


  • Fix: problems with lax dependency versions
  • Fix: CSSOM constructors are hung off of the dom (Brian McDaniel)
  • Fix: move away from deprecated 'sys' module
  • Fix: attribute event handlers on bubbling path aren't called (Brian McDaniel)
  • Fix: setting textarea.value to markup should not be parsed (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • Fix: content of script tags should not be escaped (Ken Sternberg)
  • Fix: DocumentFeatures for iframes with no src attribute. (Brian McDaniel) Closes #355
  • Fix: 'trigger' to 'raise' to be a bit more descriptive
  • Fix: When ProcessExternalResources['script'] is disabled, do not run inline event handlers. #355
  • Add: verbose flag to test runner (to show tests as they are running and finishing)


  • Fix: ensure features are properly reset after a jsdom.env invocation. Closes #239
  • Fix: ReferenceError in the scanForImportRules helper function
  • Fix: bug in appendHtmlToElement with HTML5 parser (Brian McDaniel)
  • Add: jsonp support (lheiskan)
  • Fix: for setting script element's text property (Brian McDaniel)
  • Fix: for jsdom.env src bug
  • Add: test for jsdom.env src bug (multiple done calls)
  • Fix: NodeList properties should enumerate like arrays (Felix Gnass)
  • Fix: when downloading a file, include the in file path
  • Add: test for making a jsonp request with jquery from jsdom window
  • Add: test case for issue #338
  • Fix: double load behavior when mixing jsdom.env's scripts and src properties (cjroebuck)

0.2.8 (hotfix)

  • Fix: inline event handlers are ignored by everything except for the javascript context

0.2.7 (hotfix)

  • Fix stylesheet loading


  • Add: support for and document.cookie (Derek Lindahl)
  • Add: jsdom.env now has a document configuation option which allows users to change the referer of the document (Derek Lindahl)
  • Fix: allow users to use different jsdom levels in the same process (sinegar)
  • Fix: removeAttributeNS no longer has a return value (Jason Davies)
  • Add: support for encoding/decoding all html entities from html4/5 (papandreou)
  • Add: jsdom.env() accepts the same features object seen in jsdom.jsdom and friends


  • Fix: serialize special characters in Element.innerHTML/Element.attributes like a grade A browser (Jason Priestley)
  • Fix: ensure Element.getElementById only returns elements that are attached to the document
  • Fix: ensure an Element's id is updated when changing the nodeValue of the 'id' attribute (Felix Gnass)
  • Add: stacktrace to error reporter (Josh Marshall)
  • Fix: events now bubble up to the window (Jason Davies)
  • Add: initial window.location.hash support (Josh Marshall)
  • Add: Node#insertBefore should do nothing when both params are the same node (Jason Davies)
  • Add: fixes for DOMAttrModified mutation events (Felix Gnass)


  • Fix: adding script to invalid/incomplete dom (document.documentElement) now catches the error and passes it in the .env callback (Gregory Tomlinson)
  • Cleanup: trigger and html tests
  • Add: support for inline event handlers (ie: <div onclick='some.horrible.string()'>) (Brian McDaniel)
  • Fix: script loading over https (Brian McDaniel) #280
  • Add: using style.setProperty updates the style attribute (Jimmy Mabey).
  • Add: invalid markup is reported as an error and attached to the associated element and document
  • Fix: crash when setChild() failes to create new DOM element (John Hurliman)
  • Added test for issue #287.
  • Added support for inline event handlers.
  • Moved frame tests to test/window/frame.js and cleaned up formatting.
  • Moved script execution tests to test/window/script.js.
  • Fix a crash when setChild() fails to create a new DOM element
  • Override CSSOM to update style attribute


  • Fix: segfault due to window being garbage collected prematurely NOTE: you must manually close the window to free memory (window.close())


  • Switch to Contextify to manage the window's script execution.
  • Fix: allow nodelists to have a length of 0 and toArray to return an empty array
  • Fix: style serialization; issues #230 and #259
  • Fix: Incomplete DOCTYPE causes JavaScript error
  • Fix: indentation, removed outdated debug code and trailing whitespace.
  • Prevent JavaScript error when parsing incomplete <!DOCTYPE>. Closes #259.
  • Adding a test from brianmcd that ensures that setTimeout callbacks execute in the context of the window
  • Fixes issue 250: make document.parentWindow === window work
  • Added test to ensure that timer callbacks execute in the window context.
  • Fixes 2 issues in ResourceQueue
  • Make frame/iframe load/process scripts if the parent has the features enabled


  • Javascript execution fixes [#248, #163, #179]
  • XPath (Yonathan and Daniel Cassidy)
  • Start of cssom integration (Yonathan)
  • Conversion of tests to nodeunit! (Martin Davis)
  • Added sizzle tests, only failing 3/15
  • Set the title node's textContent rather than its innerHTML #242. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • The textContent getter now walks the DOM and extract the text properly. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • Empty scripts won't cause jsdom.env to hang #172 (Karuna Sagar)
  • Every document has either a body or a frameset #82. (Karuna Sagar)
  • Added the ability to grab a level by string + feature. ie: jsdom.level(2, 'html') (Aria Stewart)
  • Cleaned up htmlencoding and fixed character (de)entification #147, #177 (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • htmlencoding.HTMLDecode: Fixed decoding of &lt;, &gt;, &amp;, and &apos;. Closes #147 and #177.
  • Require dom level as a string or object. (Aria Stewart)
  • JS errors ar triggered on the script element, not document. (Yonathan)
  • Added configuration property 'headers' for HTTP request headers. (antonj)
  • Attr.specified is readonly - Karuna Sagar
  • Removed return value from setAttributeNS() #207 (Karuna Sagar)
  • Pass the correct script filename to runInContext. (robin)
  • Add http referrer support for the download() function. (Robin)
  • First attempt at fixing the horrible memory leak via window.stopTimers() (d-ash)
  • Use vm instead of evals binding (d-ash)
  • Add a way to set the encoding of the jsdom.env html request.
  • Fixed various typos/lint problems (d-ash)
  • The first parameter download is now the object returned by URL.parse(). (Robin)
  • Fixed serialization of elements with a style attribute.
  • Added src config option to jsdom.env() (Jerry Sievert)
  • Removed dead code from getNamedItemNS() (Karuna Sagar)
  • Changes to language/javascript so jsdom would work on v0.5.0-pre (Gord Tanner)
  • Correct spelling of "Hierarchy request error" (Daniel Cassidy)
  • Node and Exception type constants are available in all levels. (Daniel Cassidy)
  • Use \n instead of \r\n during serialization
  • Fixed auto-insertion of body/html tags (Adrian Makowski)
  • Adopt unowned nodes when added to the tree. (Aria Stewart)
  • Fix the selected and defaultSelected fields of option element. - Yonathan
  • Fix: EventTarget.getListeners() now returns a shallow copy so that listeners can be safely removed while an event is being dispatched. (Felix Gnass)
  • Added removeEventListener() to DOMWindow (Felix Gnass)
  • Added the ability to pre-load scripts for jsdom.env() (Jerry Sievert)
  • Mutation event tests/fixes (Felix Gnass)
  • Changed HTML serialization code to (optionally) pretty print while traversing the tree instead of doing a regexp-based postprocessing. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • Relative and absolute urls now work as expected
  • setNamedItem no longer sets Node.parentNode #153 (Karuna Sagar)
  • Added missing semicolon after entity name - Felix Gnass
  • Added NodeList#indexOf implementation/tests (Karuna Sagar)
  • now works correctly with https and redirects (waslogic)
  • Scheme-less URLs default to the current protocol #87 (Alexander Flatter)
  • Simplification the prevSibling(), appendChild(), insertBefore() and replaceChild() code (Karuna Sagar)
  • Javascript errors use core.Node.trigger (Alexander Flatter)
  • Add core.Document.trigger in level1/core and level2/events; Make DOMWindow.console use it (Alexander Flatter)
  • Resource resolver fixes (Alexander Flatter)
  • Fix serialization of doctypes with new lines #148 (Karuna Sagar)
  • Child nodes are calculated immediately instead of after .length is called #169, #171, #176 (Karuna Sagar)
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