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PDF Version of Pro Git

To get a PDF version of Pro Git in English, run `makepdf en` and a file called
`progit.en.pdf` will appear in the root of the project. `makepdf` required
pandoc and XeTeX as dependencies.

* `config.yml`: this is a simple configuration file which allows you to
  specify language-specific customisations.
* `template.tex`: this is the main LaTeX file which determines the style of the
  PDF version of the book. Its contents is run through the ERB templating
  language to include language-specific customisations from config.yml.

For Windows

Windows build is tested with Pandoc 1.8 and MixTeX 2.9. Install MixTeX with all
font options. Only `en` has been tested so far. To make it work, it needs some

* `pandoc` and `xelatex` binaries must be on the PATH
* Change the default fonts in `config.yml` to something that exists in Windows.
  Example for working fonts:
    font: Latin Modern Roman
    mono: Courier
    bold: "{*}"