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agile software development - boot camp
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Software Development Camp

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This is the source code for the Agile Software Development book contents (Chinese).

You can always download the latest auto-generated pdf book

It covers:

  • Agile & Scrum
  • Git & Gerrit
  • Continuously Integration using jenkins/java/maven
  • Java Quality
  • Clarify the requirement using "Specification by Example"
  • Cucumber to support SBE
  • One day workshop using "game of life"
  • One sample agenda for this training

Release & History

Currently it will be released frequently (like quarterly), now well followed ;-)

  • The next release will be 1.2.0 in 2012.2.14 (55 pages), see changes v1.0.0->v1.2.0
  • Current release is 1.0.0 2012.1.12 (40 pages)

How to generate book by yourself

CodingWithMe training slides write book in markdown can be used as reference to understand the technology behind it.

Please check for how to making ebooks and pdf by yourself.


It is licensed under the , see CC BY NC ND 3.0 for more.

I hope you enjoy it, and it helps you learn better software development.


If you see anything that is technically wrong or otherwise in need of correction, please email me at larry dot caiyu at gmail dot com to inform me.


It is powered by MultiMarkdown toolset, thanks Fletcher Penney.

Markdownpad is used as my main editor, cute and easy to use.

Originally it is based on John's pandoc and the scripts from Pro Git to make it happen, and the Latex template are based on this book as well

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