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(Old hnb readme, includes contributors and changelog info that may
be of historical importance. ==LK)
hierarchical notebook (hnb) is program to organise, many kinds of data
in one place, for example addresses, to-do lists, ideas, book "reviews",
brainstorming, organising a speech, making a structured packing list
random notes, and probably many more I haven't thought of yet..
new releases and information about hnb will appear at hnb's home page
if you've got a source release you must first compile hnb,..
see further down in this file for instructions.
the windows binary distribution, is a .zip file containing the
executable, this README file, an sample database, and the
license for hnb's use. the binary is stand alone, so you can
just copy it wherever you'd like it to reside.
the Linux binary distribution is a .tar.gz file containing the
executable, this README file, a an sample database, and the
license for hnb's use. The binary is dynamically linked
against ncurses just place it anywhere in your path.. like
/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin or /home/user/bin
hnb uses a custom Makefile, that should work on most unix'ish systems with a curses library.
(enter root password)
make install
If you start hnb without any parameters and no default database, or
with the -t or --tutorial option, hnb will load a special tutorial
fixed segfault reported by thomas sattler, due to faulty handling of NULL input in node_get
fixed segfault occuring when selecting the first menu item directly
added autosave, and warning for concurrent sessions
remove recovery file upon normal exit, when not in readonly mode
from Terry Brown
styles for child/not child on todo nodes
parameter for expand to expand recursively
new configuration variable add_at_top which causes nodes added when incremental search fails to be added at top when set to 1
patch for xhtml compliance and automatic links for http:// urls, from Raphael Hertzog
bug fix, when saving hnb DTD, I also saved the text attribute
removed the format names from prefs.c,.. now the string specified is used instead, (makes extending easier)
improved the tokenizer for libcli, it now acts almost exactly as bash, even the hooks for understanding $variable_expansion is included in the code, uses a single malloc
various bug fixes
cleanups and merging of commands, e.g. go_root, go_recurse, and go_backrecurse are now go <root|backrecurse|recurse|up|down|left|right>
search now is a single command taking direction and query as arguments.
changed escape to be the key used to bring up the menu,.. and remapped ^Q to be quit (again)
attempts to fix the compile on OSX
renaming mergesort to node_mergesort due to nameclash
only compiling the static lib
made indent and outdent only work when there is no data typed already, (thus making > and < allowed typed in navigation mode as long as they're not the first character typed.
removed errors appearing with -pedantic (at least here)
removing all macros with variable arguments replacing them with va_list
removing inline statements from libcli
created an utility function for string replacements, that I inserted into all the various import/export filters.
added a function "insert_cal <month> <year>" which inserts the specified month/year in a fashion that makes hnb useable as a simple timeplanner as well. (when I get around to adding support for clones, this might be interesting)
allowing the user to use <,>,+ and - when typing in new data without erratic behavior, and not the need to enter edit mode. (except if it is the first char of the data)
fixed an issue with creating the first child, and pressing insert, and various other commands,..
added rpm spec file from Asgeir Nilsen
made file_opml and file_hnb interpret all attributes
implemented buffered reading for the xml tokenizer
changed the function prototype for functions that register with libcli, they must now register with an int (int argc, char **argv, void *data) function
overhauled hnb to use this API, some more refinement might be needed in someplaces, but it seems to work OK for now.
added a menu that is accesed from F9
outdent fixed to be more efficient and work as intended
added export context
changed all import/export functions to use the query variable if filename passed is *
bugfix: The new sort and shuffle functions could result in dataloss when saved.
new feature: expand/collapse and expand_all/collapse_all are new bindable functions, expand/collapse is bound to +/- in the default config file, they force portions of the tree to stay open even when you leave it.
Apparently I broke the nasty quick-sort I had implemented, when I changed the way the tree was stored. Implemented a Merge-sort which is faster anyways.
Improved the behavior of non fixed navigation when the whole tree is displayed.
Added a shuffle function (not currently bound), I used it while developing the new mergesort, but someone might find it useful.
Changed the datastructure to use a "assosciation list" for storing the actual data. Will move all tags, like checkbox to this structure.
Should actually make it possible to do the addition of start end date and other "columns" a breeze, perhaps even automatic for some export/import formats
modified tree_duplicate to use the new node_duplicate function, and a modified version of the import_node which takes a single node with data set as input.
added import_node_text which disregards all other data items
changed node_swap to only swap relational pointers, thus making it easier to extend the data stored in Node later
thus also changing and move node, indent/out-dent and sort to accommodate for a truer swap
fixed a bug with editing of newly introduced child
note: should perhaps move ui_action_edit into a built-in command that is handled specially since it now needs special attention by being a subcommand to ui_action_command
1.9.4-1.9.10 feb 2003
re-implementation of positioning of selection bar in non fixed mode
massive code cleanup and separation
separation of variables from prefs.* to static variables in the code modules where they belonged
integration with spell checker (Ispell, but through prefs it could easily be made Aspell instead)
new preferences format
ability to execute commands and running mail-client / web-browser if a node or it's children contain url's / mail addresses
OPML import and export
postscript export
htmlcss export
save_state and restore_state for single level undo where needed
new XML tokenizer
cut/paste functionality
1.9.3 jan 2003
stabilising of the code
ability to use default terminal colours, (patch from NN)
1.9.1 oct 2002
option to remember current position in hnb file when saving/loading
cleaned up most of the help-system code
further code separation
1.9.0 oct 2002
fixed the movement behaviour when going to the parent node,.. the screen jumped too much
separated the various export and load filters into own files
used my new libcli for the cli code, and as "glue" in some code spots
reverted to a manual makefile instead of autoconf/automake
improvements to dynamic key-bindings, multiple key-bindings for each action, all key-bindings in various context got their own choice in the preferences.
The first of the actual key-bindings shown as help
added some more bindings for the node editor, (skip word and bskip word, hooks for even more)
1.8 30 aug 2001
changed the default window scrolling behaviour to move the selection bar instead of the whole screen when possible
integrated libxml support changes from
added flag to keep whitespace when loading XML file
1.7 6 jul 2001
made the tutorial save-able, if opened in place of the default database
fixed sorting segfault
BSD curses workaround,.. does it work?
changed percentage calculation algorithm
cleanup of the node drawing code
integrated priorities
integrated Andrew J. Webers libxml2 import/export filters
preferences items
bullet mode
prefs revision checking
priority colours
bold mode colours configurable
keyboard redefinition
1.6 25 may 2001
generic XML import and export filter
colour settings
todobox fixes
percentage calculations fixes
XML tag shortcuts
macrofied node.<c|h>
1.5 19 may 2001
switched to autoconf/automake
joining/splitting of nodes.
hooks for priority setting
(press ^P on a to-do node)
added import/export of XML
update to man-page
update documentation
default format is now XML
commented all header-functions
1.4 16 may 2001
added preferences saving/loading
replaced tab char in display with a space.
removal of temporary node, when issuing insert in a new leaf.
cli mode, for use in scripts etc.
pipe export by Karsten Hilbert
automatic generation of README.html
1.3 14 may 2001
various feedback changes
debug mode for my own sake
added collapse-views
1.2 12 may 2001
added mouse navigation
code cleanups
improved navigation in edit mode
improved pgup/pgdn
1.1 10 may 2001
ran all the files through indent
indent -bad -bap -br -ts4 -ce -ci4 -i4 -cli4 -cbi0 -ss -di0 -nbc -npsl -T Node -brs -ip4 -bbo --line-length78
changed the editor cursor
minor code tweaks and cleanups
added manpage by Andras BALI
switched to bold indication of subnodes
fixed grabbing of nodes (copy/move)
improved tree.c, multiple trees are now possible
1.0 21 april 2001
changed ctrl+space for marking to ctrl+g in win32 port
bullet system for all nodes ( +/- [X] [ ] )
added copying feature
better user feedback when moving
various fixes
0.9 15 april 2001 end of easter holdidays
undefined keyboard debugging in win32 port
added in-binary tutorial, and export mode for the include file
changed curses mode to raw
upon request from Marck Rintsch, ctrl+s now saves the file
added more visual feedback when saving, quitting and such
added an standard bullet on all entries.
0.8 15 april 2001
ascii export
html export
(doesn't escape any html by itself)
latex export
doesn't work for deeper nesting levels than four
postscript export
based on the latex export
uses system calls and requires latex, and dvips
loading(insertion) of an external file into the db
added done percentage
0.7 13 april 2001
rearranged input structures
added todo checkboxes
added error display
remade the help system
fixed resizing
made search case insensitive
refined search control interface
0.6b 11 april 2001
the guadec hacked fixes on strics computer
worked on search ability
fixed the display of confirm mode in curses ui.
added reparenting
cleaned up node_remove
added load,save and display of todo in standard file format
changed to bz2 format on distribution file
help item's update
added insert in the interface
0.4 march 2001
added registry functions
small bugfix for node recurse() (go right, and to top)
fixed tab'ing into children of empty nodes bug
fixed wordwrap
0.3 15.oct 2000
first rendition of cgi-bin browser
added registry
added resize functionality
changes to help/confirming interface
hnb authors
Øyvind Kolås <>
project maintainer
Andras BALI <>
Debian Package
manual page
Karsten Hilbert <>
pipe export
Martin van Beilen <>
various todo/done issues in the code
Andrew J Weber <>
libxml2 import/export
Terry Brown <>
setting style of checkbox for nodes with/without children
add_at_top variable for adding
bugfix for some terminals where the cursor disappear in empty nodes
new parameter for expand function to expand recursively
slashes (/) inside nodes are not escaped correctly in cli mode
bullets/todo boxes, doesn't check that the line is writable (top of screen on multi-line nodes)
buffer limits
they are high,.. but a really long node might crash it
more entities on each node
current entities:
todo item
done/not done
future items:
created date
modified date
due date, for project planning
details dialog for each node to modify such things
cronological id
purge todo items on lower levels
curses interface
"context" menu for mouse mode
make a dead tree copy of the source for examination
enscript *.h *.c -E --output -U 2 -j
make it stop outdent when - is pressed without being in edit mode,.. and characters are typed.
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