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When I started listing all the updates I wanted from hnb
after fixing the 64-bit issue, I realized I'd need a more
organized approach. Forking a dead project isn't a big
deal, and maybe I'll get a little help.
These items are in no particular order or priority. If you
want to pick one up and do it, no matter where it is in
the roadmap, that would be great. (I would particularly like
to have UTF-8 support as soon as possible, but I'm not sure
my coding skills are up to the job right now.)
1.9.20 (YOU ARE HERE): The fork from hnb 1.9.18pre7.
This version runs on 64-bit computers and fixes a minor
bug that caused other outliners to reject hnb's OPML export.
In 1.9.20, Tines now looks for .tines and .tinesrc files
by default, and creates them if needed. The .tinesrc file
adds a Planner menu and other new functions, so consider
keeping it and merging your old .hnbrc customatizations
into the new config file.
1.9.19 - 2.0:
* finish renaming (.hnb to .tines, for example)
* import/convert .hnb files
* rewrite/expand the documentation (mostly complete)
* Planner menu (complete)
* automated test suite (using libcli)
* new command: export_branch (export from the selected node
instead of the entire tree)
* new command: insert_above (insert new node above current)
(we have a working substitute for now, using key bindings -
use Ctrl-B to insert above)
* new command: sleep (put the process in the background)
* move, etc. into /usr/local/share/tines (partially complete)
* new value for type attribute: 'text' (use toggle_text, mapped to F3) (Eone)
* preserve attributes for OPML import/export
2.0 - 3.0:
* autoconf
* code cleanup
* replace XML code with xmllib
* UTF-8 friendly
* use OPML as the default file format, maintaining hnb
as a legacy format
* use XSLT as basis for all export activity
3.0 and beyond: (this is pie in the sky stuff)
* Add Qt for optional GUI, maintaining console mode
* (???) Complete rewrite, maybe as an interpreted language (for
example, Perl/TK or Python/Qt)
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