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Version 1.10. See CHANGELOG in the wiki for additions.

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larrykollar committed Jun 4, 2016
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  1. +19 −12 Makefile
  2. +1 −1 VERSION
  3. +94 −0 doc/init.hnb
  4. +510 −0 doc/
  5. +509 −0 doc/minimal.rc
  6. +51 −10 doc/tines.1
  7. +22 −5 doc/tines_hnb.7
  8. +56 −36 doc/tines_opml.7
  9. +895 −0 doc/tinesdoc.hnb
  10. +45 −37 doc/tinesrc
  11. +45 −37 doc/
  12. +94 −0 doc/tutorial.hnb
  13. +61 −507 doc/
  14. +18 −0 extras/README
  15. +93 −0 extras/hnb2md.xsl
  16. +96 −0 extras/hnb2ms.xsl
  17. +1,238 −0 extras/
  18. BIN extras/tinesdoc.pdf
  19. +16 −11 src/actions.c
  20. +9 −7 src/autosave.c
  21. +67 −17 src/cal.c
  22. +2 −2 src/cli_macro.c
  23. +3 −3 src/clipboard.c
  24. +5 −1 src/config.h
  25. +5 −5 src/evilloop.c
  26. +3 −3 src/expanded.c
  27. +77 −8 src/file.c
  28. +2 −2 src/file.h
  29. +23 −9 src/file_ascii.c
  30. +11 −3 src/file_binary.c
  31. +82 −0 src/file_copy.c
  32. +6 −0 src/file_copy.h
  33. +8 −3 src/file_help.c
  34. +32 −9 src/file_hnb.c
  35. +4 −0 src/file_html.c
  36. +30 −7 src/file_opml.c
  37. +1 −1 src/file_ps.c
  38. +25 −12 src/file_xml.c
  39. +2 −0 src/init_subsystems.c
  40. +19 −10 src/libcli/cli.c
  41. +2 −2 src/mark.c
  42. +2 −3 src/node.c
  43. +30 −13 src/prefs.c
  44. +3 −1 src/prefs.h
  45. +5 −5 src/query.c
  46. +2 −2 src/search.c
  47. +59 −0 src/sigs.c
  48. +3 −3 src/spell.c
  49. +3 −3 src/statcmds.c
  50. +3 −3 src/state.c
  51. +88 −55 src/tines.c
  52. +14 −10 src/tree_misc.c
  53. +2 −2 src/tree_sort.c
  54. +4 −4 src/tree_todo.c
  55. +21 −21 src/ui_binding.c
  56. +7 −5 src/ui_cli.c
  57. +14 −14 src/ui_draw.c
  58. +1 −1 src/ui_edit.c
  59. +3 −1 src/ui_menu.c
  60. +6 −5 src/ui_overlay.c
  61. +5 −5 src/ui_style.c
  62. +26 −0 testing/INIT-01.html
  63. +31 −0 testing/INIT-02.html
  64. +24 −0 testing/test_template.html
  65. +3 −0 testing/testcase.css
@@ -17,27 +17,34 @@ src/tines: src/*.c src/*.h doc/*.inc
(cd src;make)
install: src/tines
install $(INSTFLAGS) src/tines $(BINDIR)/tines
install $(INSTFLAGS) -m444 doc/tines.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/tines.1
install $(INSTFLAGS) -m444 doc/tines_hnb.7 $(MANDIR)/man7/tines_hnb.7
install $(INSTFLAGS) -m444 doc/tines_opml.7 $(MANDIR)/man7/tines_opml.7
install $(INSTFLAGS) -m444 doc/tinesrc $(SHAREDIR)/tinesrc
# install $(INSTFLAGS) -m444 doc/starter.hnb $(SHAREDIR)/starter.hnb
# install $(INSTFLAGS) -m444 doc/default.css $(SHAREDIR)/default.css
install $(INSTFLAGS) $(BINDIR)
install $(INSTFLAGS) $(MANDIR)/man1
install $(INSTFLAGS) $(MANDIR)/man7
install src/tines $(BINDIR)/tines
install -m444 doc/tines.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/tines.1
install -m444 doc/tines_hnb.7 $(MANDIR)/man7/tines_hnb.7
install -m444 doc/tines_opml.7 $(MANDIR)/man7/tines_opml.7
install -m444 doc/tinesrc $(SHAREDIR)/tinesrc
install -m444 doc/init.hnb $(SHAREDIR)/init.hnb
install -m444 doc/tinesdoc.hnb $(SHAREDIR)/tinesdoc.hnb
install -m444 extras/hnb2md.xsl $(SHAREDIR)/hnb2md.xsl
install -m444 extras/hnb2ms.xsl $(SHAREDIR)/hnb2ms.xsl
# install -m444 doc/default.css $(SHAREDIR)/default.css
(cd src;make clean)
(cd util;make clean)
rm -f *~
rcupdate: updaterc
updaterc: doc/
updaterc: doc/
doc/ doc/tinesrc
doc/ doc/minimal.rc
(cd util;make)
$(ECHO) -n "\"">doc/
cat doc/tinesrc | util/asc2c >> doc/
$(ECHO) "\"">>doc/
$(ECHO) -n "\"">doc/
cat doc/minimal.rc | util/asc2c >> doc/
$(ECHO) "\"">>doc/
tar: updaterc clean config.h
(cd ..;mkdir tines-`cat tines/VERSION`)
@@ -1 +1 @@
@@ -0,0 +1,94 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?hnb pos="60"?>
<!-- generated by tines 1.10.0 ( -->
<!DOCTYPE tree[
<!ELEMENT tree (node*)>
<!ELEMENT data (#PCDATA)> <!-- (max 4096 bytes long) -->
<!ELEMENT node (data?,node*)>
<!ATTLIST node done (yes|no) #IMPLIED
expanded (yes|no) #IMPLIED
<node expanded="yes"><data>Welcome to Tines</data>
<node type="text" expanded="yes"><data>If you have never used Tines before, or its predecessor hnb, this brief document should help you get started.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>If you start Tines with no file name specified, it opens the file .tines in your home directory. If that file does not exist, Tines copies this document there for you.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>The Tines manpages provide command line options and detailed descriptions of its supported file formats.</data></node>
<node expanded="yes"><data>Outliner</data>
<node type="text"><data>Tines is primarily an outliner. It can open hnb (a simple XML outliner format), OPML, and tab-indented ASCII files. It can also export to HTML, PostScript, and XML formats.</data></node>
<node><data>Moving around</data>
<node type="text" expanded="yes"><data>Use the arrow keys to move around in this file.</data></node>
<node type="text" expanded="yes"><data>The up-arrow and down-arrow keys behave as you might expect, moving to the previous and next entries.</data></node>
<node type="text" expanded="yes"><data>Left-arrow moves to the previous entry.</data></node>
<node type="text" expanded="yes"><data>Right-arrow moves to the first child entry, or lets you create a child entry if one does not exist.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To move to the top of the file, press Home.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To move to the bottom of the file, press End.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>Use the PageUp and PageDown keys to quickly move through an expanded file.</data></node>
<node><data>Creating new entries</data>
<node type="text"><data>To create a new entry at the bottom of the current level, just begin typing. You might see Tines selecting a current entry, but keep going. When what you&apos;ve typed becomes unique, Tines creates a new entry. Press Return to keep what you&apos;ve typed, or press an arrow key to delete it.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To create a new entry immediately below the current entry, press ^O (Ctrl+O).</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To create a new entry immediately above the current entry, press ^B (Ctrl+B).</data></node>
<node><data>Shifting entries</data>
<node type="text" expanded="yes"><data>To promote an entry, and all following entries on the same level, press &lt;</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To demote an entry, and all following entries on the same level, press &gt;</data></node>
<node><data>Deleting entries</data>
<node type="text"><data>To delete the current entry, press DEL.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>If the entry has sub-entries, you are prompted to confirm the deletion.</data></node>
<node><data>Using the menu</data>
<node type="text"><data>Press ESC to display the menu. Use the left-arrow and right-arrow keys to change menus, and the up-arrow and down-arrow keys to move within a menu.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>Press Return to execute the selected menu entry.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>Press ESC again to hide the menu.</data></node>
<node><data>Expand and Collapse</data>
<node type="text"><data>To expand the current entry (showing all sub-entries), press +</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To collapse the current entry (hiding all sub-entries), press -</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>The Entry menu provides selections to recursively expand an entry, or to expand or collapse the entire file.</data></node>
<node><data>Text entries</data>
<node><data>Press F3 to make an entry a &quot;text&quot; entry. XSLT scripts can use this to differentiate between headings and body text.</data></node>
<node expanded="yes"><data>Planner</data>
<node type="text"><data>Tines includes features that make it useful as a planner as well as an outliner. The Planner menu provides several convenient commands for creating lists and calendars.</data></node>
<node><data>To-do Lists</data>
<node type="text"><data>Any entry can be a to-do item. Press ^T (Ctrl+T) to make an entry a to-do item. To-do items have a pair of brackets [ ] in place of bullets. Press ^T again to return the entry to normal mode.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>New sub-entries of to-do items are automatically created as to-do items as well.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To mark a to-do item as done, press ^D (Ctrl+D). To-do items with to-do sub-entries display a percentage of items completed.</data></node>
<node><data>Other lists</data>
<node type="text"><data>The Planner menu provides lists for general action items, Projects, and Waiting. If you are familiar with David Allen&apos;s &quot;Getting Things Done&quot; methodology, these lists should be familiar.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To insert a calendar for one month, go to the Planner menu and select &quot;Add Month.&quot; You are prompted for the month and year. Entries for the specified month appear below the current entry.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To insert a calendar for an entire year, go to the Planner menu and select &quot;Add Year.&quot; You are prompted for the year. Entries for the specified year appear below the current entry.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To jump to the calendar entry for the current day, go to the Planner menu and select &quot;Today&apos;s Agenda.&quot; Tines expands any sub-entries under today&apos;s calendar entry.</data></node>
<node expanded="yes"><data>Notebook</data>
<node type="text"><data>Outliners are naturally good at storing miscellaneous information. Tines includes several features to make organizing, storing, and retrieving notes easier.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To search the file for a specific string, press ^F (Ctrl+F) or select Search from the Edit menu. You are prompted for a search string, then Tines locates entries with that string (one by one). Press Enter to finish searching, or ESC to return to your previous position.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To alphanumerically sort items in the current level, press ^S (Ctrl+S) or select Sort from the Level menu. To reverse the sort order, select &quot;Sort (desc.)&quot; from the Level menu.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>To randomly disorder entries in the current level, select Shuffle from the Level menu.</data></node>
<node expanded="yes"><data>For more information</data>
<node type="text"><data>You can customize Tines menus and keybindings to your liking by editing the .tinesrc file in your home directory. The following links provide detailed information.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>Source code:</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>Full documentation:</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>You can also import a Tines manual. Follow these steps:</data>
<node type="text"><data>1. Select Import from the File menu, or press ^L (Ctrl+L).</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>2. Press H to select hnb format.</data></node>
<node type="text"><data>3. When prompted for a file, enter /usr/local/share/tines/tinesdoc.hnb and press Return.</data></node>
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