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This is a tiny TCP stack implemented in pure Ruby, for fun and learning, inspired by @jvns.

Julia wrote a blog called: What happens if you write a TCP stack in Python?, and I saved it to my Pocket and then moved it to Chrome bookmark folder called "Call me maybe", but never touched it ever since.

Recently, I decided to give it a try and implement a tiny tcp stack in Ruby language.

There is an example in examples/get_page.rb, you could open it and update the FAKE_IP_ADDRESS and the webpage you would like to get. Then, just run it in your terminal:

bundle install
sudo ruby examples/get_page.rb


I run it with Ruby 2.2.2 on Linux. There is an issue of PacketFu gem to get it working on Mac OS X.

I wrote a blog about some details of this fun project, go check it out Write a TCP Stack in Ruby.


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