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Reporter classes for the jasmine test framework. Includes JUnitXmlReporter for generating junit xml output for running in CI environments like Hudson.

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Jasmine Reporters

Jasmine Reporters is a collection of javascript jasmine.Reporter classes that can be used with the JasmineBDD testing framework.

Included reporters:

  • ConsoleReporter - Report test results to the browser console.
  • JUnitXmlReporter - Report test results to a file in JUnit XML Report format.
  • NUnitXmlReporter - Report test results to a file in NUnit XML Report format.
  • TapReporter - Test Anything Protocol, report tests results to console.
  • TeamcityReporter - Basic reporter that outputs spec results to for the Teamcity build system.
  • TerminalReporter - Logs to a terminal (including colors) with variable verbosity.


Examples are included in the test directory that show how to use the reporters, as well a basic runner scripts for Rhino + envjs, and a basic runner for PhantomJS. Either of these methods could be used in a Continuous Integration project for running headless tests and generating JUnit XML output.

Rhino + EnvJS

Everything needed to run the tests in Rhino + EnvJS is included in this repository inside the ext directory, specifically Rhino 1.7r2 and envjs 1.2 for Rhino.


Should work in most versions of PhantomJS > 1.4.1 I have used PhantomJS 1.4.1 through 1.9.6 on Mac OS X with no problems.


Most of these reporters also work in node.js by making use of the excellent jasmine-node project.

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