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Our Umbraco

Complete source of the umbraco community site,

##Build in visual studio Make sure to allow NuGet Package Restore in VS (Tools > Options > Package Manager). The first buid of the project will take quite a while, be patient, it will finish at some point. Upon build a web.config file will be copied into the OurUmbraco.Site project which you can use in the following step.

##Database restore Download the SQL Server Database from:

Restore the database to SQL Server 2012 SP2 (won't work on earlier version) and update the connection strings (umbracoDbDSN) in OurUmbraco.Site/web.config.

##Logging in All users and members use the same password: Not_A_Real_Password

To log in, try root / Not_A_Real_Password for the backoffice and member423@non-existing-mail-provider.none / Not_A_Real_Password for the frontend.

##Projects Area If the projects area seems empty then that's because you need to rebuild the Examine indexes for it through the Developer section of Umbraco

##Documentation area If the documentation area seems empty then that's because you need to download the documentation, look for the the Github Documentation tab in the dashboards in the Developer section of Umbraco and use the Get Docs!! button.

##Syncing your fork with the original repository To sync your fork with this original one, you'll have to add the upstream url once:

git remote add upstream git://

And then each time you want to get the changes:

git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master

Yes, this is a scary command line operation, don't you love it?! :-D

(More info on how this works:

##Issues If you're creating a pull request, make sure that it's backed by an issue on the tracker:

Mention the issue number in your pull request so we can merge it in more easily.

Even if you're not planning on sending a pull request, you can always create an issue on the tracker if it doesn't exist yet, it helps other find ways to contribute.


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