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+## Status ##
+A proof of concept of compositonal web app testing (described below) can be shown satisfactorily using this branch. Current work is towards a complete [static validator for HTTP 0.9 + 1.0]( (a requirement of HTTP 1.1, which will be the subsequent work effort).
+## Description ##
Lemmachine is a REST'ful web framework that makes it easy to get HTTP right by exposing users to overridable hooks with sane defaults. The main architecture is a copy of Erlang-based [Webmachine](, which is currently the best documentation reference (for hooks & general design).
Lemmachine stands out from the dynamically typed Webmachine by being written in dependently typed
@@ -14,10 +20,6 @@ Another goal is for Lemmachine to come with proofs against the default resource
Lemmachine currently uses the Haskell [Hack]( abstraction so it can run on several Haskell webservers. Because Agda compiles to Haskell and has an FFI, existing Haskell code can be integrated quite easily.
-## Status ##
-The project is still in development and rapidly changing. Lemmas and proofs exist for status resolution, and you can now run resources! The focus will now comprise of a gradual direct translation of RFC 2616 sections into dependent type theory.
## Setup ##
[Grab Haskell]( if you don't already have it installed.

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