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Copyright (C) 2008 Jeffrey Chu

This file is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License as distributed with Emacs (press C-h C-c to view it).


  1. Download & install CVS/SVN versions of clojure [1] and slime [2].
  2. Add swank-clojure to your .emacs file:

       (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/swank-clojure")
       (require 'swank-clojure-autoload)

  3. Customize the path to your clojure jar file. Optionally, also
     customize other classpath information. [3]

       (require 'swank-clojure-autoload)       
         (setq swank-clojure-jar-path "/path/to/clojure.jar")
         (setq swank-clojure-extra-classpaths (list "/path/to/extra/classpaths")))


       (require 'swank-clojure)
       M-x customize-group swank-clojure

  4. Optionally, add your default lisp implementation back into slime
     (add to .emacs):

       Example for sbcl:
         (add-to-list 'slime-lisp-implementations '(sbcl ("sbcl")))

  5. Start slime! 

       M-x slime

       Or if you did step 4:
          M-- M-x slime clojure

[1] Clojure SVN: http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=137961
[2] Slime CVS: http://common-lisp.net/project/slime/#downloading
[3] If you want to configure swank-clojure to use a custom binary or
    sh-script, you may configure swank-clojure-binary instead.