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Campfire Bot

This is a bot for 37 Signals’ Campfire chat service.

It has plugin support so you can make your bot do whatever you want.



Download the source from github

Gem Dependencies

gem install bundler bundle install


Create a config.yml in the root of the source directory. Use config.example.yml as an example.


To run the bot, run script/bot with the environment name as the argument:

script/bot development

Known issues

[BUG] Bus Error

This is really an issue with EventMachine. If you are using this on a machine that has MacPorts, you’ll need to make sure that you build both ruby and eventmachine linked against the openssl in /opt/local, not /usr/local.

warning: peer certificate won’t be verified in this SSL session

A bug in net/http. Noisy, but harmless.

Original Author

Tim Riley – github | www | email