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LARSMorse & LARSStrobe


  • iOS 4.0+
  • iPhone 4+ (Device with LED flash)


LARSStrobe will enable the LED flash on the back of an iDevice with a flash to be used as a strobe light. This class is required for LARSMorse to function, but can function on it's own as a strobe light.

Requires LARSTorch


LARSTorch *torch = [[LARSTorch alloc] init];
LARSStrobe *strobe = [[LARSStrobe alloc] initWithLATorch:torch];

[strobe startStrobe];

LARSMorse (subclass of LARSStrobe)

LARSMorse will enable the LED flash on the back of an iDevice with a flash to be used to encode strings into visual Morse transmissions.

Requires both LARSTorch & LARSStrobe

Delegate Callback Methods


- (void)morseCode:(Morse *)morse willEncodeLetters:(NSString *)nextLetters inWord:(NSString *)currentWord withCode:(NSString *)code withSpeedInWPM:(NSInteger)wpm;
- (void)morseCode:(Morse *)morse didBeginEncodingText:(NSString *)text;
- (BOOL)morseCodeShouldAutoRepeat:(Morse *)morse;
- (void)morseCodeDidEnd:(Morse *)morse withRepeat:(BOOL)willRepeat withError:(NSError *)error;


- (void)morseCode:(Morse *)morse willEncodeLetters:(NSString *)nextLetters inWord:(NSString *)currentWord withCode:(NSString *)code withSpeedInWPM:(NSInteger)wpm
  • Delegate callback sent before the first symbol in a letter is displayed on the LED. Identifies the instance that sent the delegate callback morse, the next four letters (nextLetters) that are going to be decoded in the future including the current letter, the current word the current letter is in (currentWord), the current code of the letter being displayed (code) and the speed at which the letters are being transmitted (wpm).
- (void)morseCode:(Morse *)morse didBeginEncodingText:(NSString *)text
  • Delegate callback sent before the first letter in the text that is to be transmitted is transmitted.
- (BOOL)morseCodeShouldAutoRepeat:(Morse *)morse
  • Delegate callback determining whether or not the instance of morse should autorepeat. Value is grabbed just after the last symbol in the last word is transmitted.
- (void)morseCodeDidEnd:(Morse *)morse withRepeat:(BOOL)willRepeat withError:(NSError *)error
  • Delegate callback fired when the last symbol on the last letter is transmitted in morse. The method indicates whether morse will repeat (willRepeat) and if it had an error (not yet implemented).


LARSTorch *torch = [[LARSTorch alloc] init];
LARSMorse *morse = [[LARSMorse alloc] initWithLARSTorch:torch];

[morse stringToMorse:@"Hello World"];
[morse playbackMorse];