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Content placeholders, randomized data and other helpers for early dev, testing and proto work.


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Placeholders, lorem ipsum, and fake data oh my!

For all of your early-development, sandbox and proto work. PlaceKit is an easy-to-use framework for adding content when you either have none or don't care what it is during the early phases of development.

Prefer the Swift version? We've got you covered with Wallpaper.


Placeholder Content

Nothing motivates a designer more than seeing random meat-based assets on an app they have to work with.

Random Geometry & Numbers

Easily generate views with random frames within another view, pick a random point within a given rect or generate random numbers and percentages:

  • Random CGSize
  • Random CGRect
  • Random CGRect enclosed in CGRect
  • Random CGPoint enclosed in CGRect
  • Random percentages
  • Random numbers in range

Random Colors

Create new colors to give you bland UI some dimension, give new views a random color to tell them apart or generate a new random color matching the hue of another:

  • Fully random UIColor
  • Random UIColor with hue
  • Random UIColor with same hue as another color
  • Random greyscale color
  • More



The easiest way to use PlaceKit is using CocoaPods: pod 'PlaceKit'

If you would like to use the UIImageView categories for the placeholder images, you will need to use the 'ImageView' subspec: pod 'PlaceKit/ImageView'. This will install the AFNetworking as a dependency in order to use UIImageView+AFNetworking.


The PlaceKit core was built dependency-free to make it as easy as possible to drop into your project. Simply drop PlaceKit.{h,m} into your project and import as necessary! If you would like to use the UIImageView category, you will also need to integrate AFNetworking into your project.

Known Issues

  1. PlaceKit's demo application needs some work
  2. Random business names API is still a work-in-progress and could use some more work


Standard MIT license


Content placeholders, randomized data and other helpers for early dev, testing and proto work.







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