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=== 1.3.0
* Fixed some additional corner cases with absolute and relative
require & load paths. Extended test suite to cover a lot more
* Now provides a meaningful exit status code (1 on error, 0 on
success). (DavidMikeSimon)
* New option to _not_ run the script to detect dependencies
(--no-dep-run). (DavidMikeSimon)
* Bundler support using the --gemfile option. (DavidMikeSimon)
* Debug mode support in the stub (--debug). Also --debug-extract to
keep extracted files from executable. (DavidMikeSimon)
* New gem behaviour yet again due to changes in Rubygems. See README
=== 1.2.0
* Ignore console events (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Break). Ruby process handles
them anyway and exist, allowing the stub to clean up temporary
* Temporary memory used for decompression is now freed before the ruby
interpreter is launched by the stub.
* Progress dialog is no longer displayed when removing temporary
* Now includes most files from any require'd Rubygem (Now works with
mime-types, oledb and other gems that load additional data files
from the Gem installation). Some files are still ignored
(e.g. Readme's). Use "--no-gem-filter" to make Ocra unconditionally
include all files listed in the Gem specification (Thanks to Jorge
L. Cangas for patch & ideas).
* NameErrors are now rescued when attempting to load autoloadable
constants. Hopefully resolves issues with ActiveRecord [#28488].
* Now works if the script changes environment or working directory
while running.
* Fixed a regression in 1.1.4 when resource files are specified;
directory layout would not be maintained, e.g. when running "ocra
bin/script share/data.dat".
* Added support for passing arguments to script. Specify argument to
your script after a "--" marker. Arguments will be passed both at
compile time and run time. (#27815)
* Now works if the source files are located beneath Ruby's
exec_prefix. (#28505)
=== 1.1.4
* The tempdir marker is now pretty-printed as "<tempdir>" in the
* Fixed various issues with path and filenames being handled case
* Now uses config settings for Ruby executable names (should now also
work with ruby installations built with --program-suffix).
* Supported invoking ocra with an absolute path to the script. Will
assume that the script is in the root of the source hierachy.
=== 1.1.3
* Use Win32API (provided with Ruby) instead of win32-api (gem).
* No longer sets GEM_HOME (which would override the default gem
path). Instead sets GEM_PATH. Resolves issues with gems not loading
on Ruby 1.9.
=== 1.1.2
* Warnings can be disabled using --no-warnings.
* Fixed not .exe being generated when script calls 'exit'.
* Path to the generated executable is now avilable to the running
script in the OCRA_EXECUTABLE environment variable.
* Directories on the command line will now be created.
* Supports path globs, fx. "ocra script.rb assets/**/*.png". (See
documentation for Ruby's Dir class).
* Fixed issue with spaces in temporary path (TMP environment).
* Improved path comparison to ignore case (this is Windows after all)
and be a bit more robust.
* Added support for RubyGems installed in GEM_HOME (or other part
handled by RubyGems). If not installed in the Ruby hierarchy, they
will now be installed in a directory named 'gemhome' under the
temporary directory.
=== 1.1.1
* Fixed duplicate entries in the RUBYLIB environment variable.
* Another slight fix for relative load paths.
* RUBYOPT is now set to the value it had when OCRA was invoked.
=== 1.1.0
* Added an icon to the executable. Can be replaced from a .ico file
using the --icon <ico> option.
* Improved handling of load paths added either from the command line
(ruby -I), RUBYLIB environment variable or during the script (by
modifying $: or $LOAD_PATH).
* Now automatically detects loaded DLLs through Win32::API. Disable
with --no-autodll.
=== 1.0.3 / 2009-05-25
* Fixed invokation of executables with spaces in path names (#25966).
* Fixed inverted handling of --windows & --console (#25974)
* Fixed installation issue with RubyGems (missing "lib")
=== 1.0.2 / 2009-05-10
* Added stubw.exe to gem (was missing 1.0.1)
=== 1.0.1 / 2009-05-05
* Added stub with windows runtime for windowed applications
(e.g. wxRuby) and fixed issue where OCRA would use ruby.exe instead
of rubyw.exe for such programs. [#25774]
=== 1.0.0 / 2009-04-05
* 1 major enhancement
* Birthday!
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