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Angular Chrome Extension Scaffold Project
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Angular Chrome Extension Scaffold Project (Angular 7)

This project is an Angular scaffold project (template) for google chrome extensions, see Github.

How to use/develop

  • clone this repository
  • run npm install
  • run npm run watch
  • goto: chrome://extensions in the browser and enable 'developer mode'
  • press Load unpacked and target the folder angular/dist

The project is automatically being watched, any changes to the files will recompile the project.

NOTE: changes to the contentPage/backgroundPage requires you to reload the extension in chrome://extensions

Build/package for production

  • run npm run build:production
  • upload to the chrome webstore.
  • (optional) you can also manually zip your extension, the production build will output to folder angular/dist

This will run a production build and will automatically zip it as a extension package in the root folder ./ named:

NOTE: Do not forget to update the version number inside manifest.json

Angular folder

This folder contains the angular source code.

Chrome folder

This folder contains the contentPage/backgroundPage script for the google chrome extension

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