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Inkscape to BonsaiJS extension

  • What is Bansai? This is a script extension for Inkscape.It was inspired by the splendid BonsaiJS library. As well as my lazy disposition, which does not like "coding" graphics ;) So in short Bansai lets you select one or elements in Inkscape, and export them to BonsaiJS JSON notation.

  • What is supported by this version?

    A little, and still a lot :) At the moment I have had time to implement support for - Path elements - Group elements (also nested) - Transformation matrix - Filters - Gradients

    These initial features can get you pretty far as most, or all, SVG shapes can be described using one or more of the path types available.

  • What is NOT supported by this version?

    A lot of course, such as - SVG shapes such as Rect and Ellipse - Fonts and Text

    Thanks to Bonsai its really easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of Python, JavaScript and SVG to help with development :)