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Lispbuilder-sdl implementaion of Brian Silverman's Wireworld cellular automaton
Common Lisp
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Brian Silverman's Wireworld


  • SPACE toggles pause.

  • = - zoom in

  • - - zoom out

  • 0 - reset cell size

  • s - the simulation is advanced one step

  • left mouse click - inserts the current element on the grid (current element is written in the upper-left corner of the window

When the simulation is paused, there are other commands available:

  • c - sets current element to conductor

  • h - sets current element to electron-head

  • t - sets current element to electron-tail

  • e - sets current element to empty

Loading initial setup

main function can be changed to load an initial setup. This has to be provided as a text file, using the following encoding:

  • .: empty
  • C: conductor
  • H: electron-head
  • T: election-tail

See w1.ww for an example.

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