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UI features

abapGit UI has several unobvious but convenient features

Command palettes

Command palettes is a popular UI control available in modern editors like Sublime, VSCode, Atom and etc - this is a control called usually by Ctrl+p or F1 combinations.

command palette example

Command palettes are available:

  • in the main page (repository overview), on F1 key, to call a command from toolbars in the screen (new repo, pull, state, advanced commands ...)
  • in the main page (repository overview), on F2 key, to go to arbitrary installed repo instead of choosing it from favorites or full list
  • todo - at diff page

To do

  • keyboard navigation
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • news ??
  • repo list page (it is unobvious that it exists)
  • stage file-by-file selection ?
  • stage patch
  • main page repo list settings (files only ...)
  • ...
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