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Third Party Steam Sites

List of all the third party Steam sites that I know of

Site name w/ link Description
SteamDB Tracking all sorts of nerdy stats
SteamCharts Tracks concurrent player counts
SteamSpy Tracks various stats, but take owners stats with a large dose of salt Tracks Steam reviews Tracks Steam reviews by hours played
SteamPeek Similarity algorithm
SteamScout Tracks Steam reviews / locales / etc
GameDB Various Steam stats & metadata
GameStats Various Stats & metadata
SteamPrices Historical Steam prices
IsThereAnyDeal Historical Sale & Price data
What's on Steam Feed of new releases on Steam
Steam top 50 Steam top 50, as seen on ClarkTank
Steam 250 Charts top-rated game using fancier algorithm than Steam, also hidden gems
SteamLikes More Like This stats
PlayTracker Stats and graphs for various platforms. Not sure of methodology
Steam Games Released chart Spreadsheet of # of Steam Games released
SteamHype Tool for filtering and inspecting upcoming games
Steam Marketing Tool Tool for estimating size of a given kind of game
SteamCompanion Adds some plugin services
SteamTools Various tools
SteamBans Maybe a log of bans? Broken atm
ClarkStats Some follower stats for ClarkTank, might be abandoned
SteamCardExchange Something about exchanging trading cards maybe?
SteamGridDB Download & share custom video game assets and personalize your gaming library
SteamGrid A standalone fire-and-forget program to enhance Steam's grid videw & Big Picture
AugmentedSteam Browser plugin hooks data from IsThereAnyDeal
ProtonDB User reports on Valve's Proton (tool for running Windows games on Linux/SteamOS)
DRM-Free Wiki Wiki of DRM free games on Steam
ICO Steam Newsletter Newsletter & sales chart

Actually is Steam

Site name w/link Description
Top Wishlists Top wishlists
Steam Labs Experimental features


Site name w/link Description
gamstat Playstation games stats
HorseDrawnGames - stores Stats for various console stores


List of all the third party Steam sites that I know of







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