Some board games I designed once that are now open source
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Board Games

Some board games I designed with my friends over the years, making them open source now.

Dragon Pants

Mighty dragons contend for control of a legendary artifact of ultimate power: a handsomely tailored and comfortably stylish pair of denim work jeans known as The Pants. Time ticks down one card at a time whenever a dragon wearing The Pants ends their turn. The game concludes when the timer runs out, and whichever dragon happens to be wearing The Pants at that moment wins.

For 2-6 players. Played with a board and cards. For nerds who like stupid jokes about dragons and pants.


Move blocks across a four-tiered 3D pyramid. Build stacks and capture your opponent's stacks by jumping on top of them. If you like games about squares and cubes and looking extremely thoughtful and smart maybe you should play this game.

For 2 or 4 players. Played on a 3D board with colored cubes. For nerds and sophisticated dorks.

Ninja Havoc Machines

Customizable robots battle to the death on a standard chessboard using nothing but random bits or little toys you have lying around your house and some pens and paper. Customize your bot from an enticing but simple menu of weapons and armor, program your moves in advance, then execute them simultaneously and watch the sprockets of strife fly.

This one was ridiculously popular. Like, I'm pretty proud of the above two but everyone I've ever introduced this last one to has played it like 100x times more and then taught all their friends how to play. You should probably play it too.

For 2 to as many players as you can cram on a standard-sized checkerboard. Played with junk you find around your house or school. For nerds and kids who enjoy slacking off during Study Hall.