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Dragon Pants Logo

Dragon Pants

Alternatively, "Dragon Trousers" in the U.K. and Europe

Designed by Megan Bednarz and Lars Doucet


2-6 players
Playtime: ~30 minutes
Suggested age: 10+ maybe?


Players take turns moving their dragons across the board, taking advantage of terrain tiles, and drawing and using power cards, all in the hopes of controlling a legendary artifact of ultimate power: a handsomely tailored and comfortably stylish pair of denim work jeans known as The Pants. The Pants can only be worn by one dragon at a time, but control is fleeting as it's only a matter of time until another dragon pries The Pants loose from their owner's claws. Time ticks down one card at a time whenever a dragon wearing The Pants ends their turn. The game concludes when the timer runs out, and whichever dragon happens to be wearing The Pants at that moment wins.








  • Megan Bednarz
  • Lars Doucet

Stock Imagery sourced from: