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This repo doesn't have any code, it's just a convenient dumping ground for any issues users might find in the test builds for DQ1-haxe and DQ2-haxe.

Instructions (for testers)

1. Log in / Sign up for a Github account

You'll need a Github account to report issues and bugs.

2. Follow along at is a more convenient interface for viewing github issues. However, you can also just use this repository directly to view the raw data, and to report new stuff.

2.a. Ask to become a collaborator if you're really serious

Normal users can't add labels and do much besides create and comment on issues. But if you really, really, like hanging out on our bugtracker for some reason, I can make you a collaborator and give you more power. It's like being a forum moderator, but for bug tracking. Just ping me @larsiusprime in some issue comment if you're into this sort of thing.

3. Learn how to report a bug! This is very important!

In order to fix a bug, we have to be able to reproduce the error or problem you've encountered.

Therefore, please follow the example format below.

(Or just take a look at the EXAMPLE ISSUE)

Operating System: Windows XP
Browser/Download: Download
Demo/Full?      : Full Version
Version #       : 0.1.2*
Optional Info** : I was using a netbook with a maximum native resolution of 1024x768

*Version # is at the bottom-right of the title screen
**Optional info is just anything else you think might be important

This information lets us know which build/version of the game has a problem

1. Start a "New Game"
2. Beat the first level 
   (I placed the berserker, boosted him once, 
    and set speed to "2x")
3. Exit the reward screen from the first battle
4. Click on the second level, click "start"
5. Beat the second level 
   (I placed the berserker at the end of the "peninsula," 
    set speed to "4x" and used lightning on the last wave)
6. Exit the reward screen from the second battle

If we can't reproduce the bug, we can't fix it!

I expected to see a connection on the map between the second and third battles.

Knowing what you were actually expecting to happen is much more helpful than only knowing what the error was.

When I exited the first battle, the first and second levels were connected. 
When I exited the second battle, however, the second and third battles were NOT connected. 
I could still click on the third battle and move there, 
but there was no visual road connection. 

This lets us know what the allegedly bad result was.