Arma 3 Team Deathmatch mission
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Arma 3 Treasure Hunt

Arma 3 Team Deathmatch mission


Your mission

  • Find the treasure
  • Take it to the extraction point

How to do it

  1. TEAM UP with max. three fighters per group (press U and invite friends; you can also change your group's name here).
  2. GATHER YOUR GEAR at the supply boxes.
  3. HALO JUMP IN once the mission starts. Use your mouse menu and choose your location. Area of operations is marked with a blue circle on your map.
  4. FIND INTEL by talking to the locals and by scanning through the computers you find in the houses. Intel will be marked on your map.
  5. FOLLOW THE BEACON. If you are not the lucky one to find the treasure first, follow the beacon emitted by the treasure. Steal the treasure. Note that the beacon is only activated when the treasure is being carried by someone else!
  6. REACH THE EXTRACTION POINT, once you have got the treasure (if you haven't got it, prevent anyone having the treasure reaching the extraction point!). The extraction point is marked on the map with a green cross once the treasure is picked up first time by anyone.

Notes: This server is still very much in beta stage. Any issues and feedback, please see the GitHub page at


Try it!

Connect your (vanilla) Arma 3 multiplayer client to

Allowed addons: Enhanced Movement by Bad Benson


If you want to run the mission on your own server, you will need these script libraries:


The mission includes MGI_HALO jump script by Pierre MGI