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* FXRuby -- the Ruby language bindings for the FOX GUI toolkit.
* Copyright (c) 2001-2009 by Lyle Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
* For further information please contact the author by e-mail
* at "".
/// Textfield styles
enum {
TEXTFIELD_PASSWD = 0x00080000, /// Password mode
TEXTFIELD_INTEGER = 0x00100000, /// Integer mode
TEXTFIELD_REAL = 0x00200000, /// Real mode
TEXTFIELD_READONLY = 0x00400000, /// NOT editable
TEXTFIELD_ENTER_ONLY = 0x00800000, /// Only callback when enter hit
TEXTFIELD_LIMITED = 0x01000000, /// Limit entry to given number of columns
TEXTFIELD_OVERSTRIKE = 0x02000000, /// Overstrike mode
TEXTFIELD_AUTOGRAY = 0x04000000, /// Automatically gray out text field when not updated
TEXTFIELD_AUTOHIDE = 0x08000000, /// Automatically hide text field when not updated
%rename("overstrike=") FXTextField::setOverstrike(FXbool);
%rename("overstrike?") FXTextField::isOverstrike() const;
* A Text field is a single-line text entry widget.
* The text field widget supports clipboard for cut-and-paste
* operations.
* The text field also sends SEL_COMMAND when the focus moves to another control.
* TEXTFIELD_ENTER_ONLY can be passed to suppress this feature. Typically, this
* flag is used in dialogs that close when ENTER is hit in a text field.
class FXTextField : public FXFrame {
long onPaint(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onUpdate(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onKeyPress(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onKeyRelease(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onLeftBtnPress(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onLeftBtnRelease(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onMiddleBtnPress(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onMiddleBtnRelease(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onVerify(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_CSTRING);
long onMotion(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onSelectionLost(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onSelectionGained(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onSelectionRequest(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* ptr);
long onClipboardLost(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onClipboardGained(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onClipboardRequest(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onFocusSelf(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onFocusIn(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onFocusOut(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onBlink(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onAutoScroll(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdSetValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_CSTRING);
long onCmdSetIntValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_PINT);
long onCmdSetRealValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_PDOUBLE);
long onCmdSetStringValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_STRING);
long onCmdGetIntValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE); // FIXME
long onCmdGetRealValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE); // FIXME
long onCmdGetStringValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE); // FIXME
long onCmdCursorHome(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCursorEnd(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCursorRight(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCursorLeft(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCursorWordLeft(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCursorWordRight(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCursorWordStart(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCursorWordEnd(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdMark(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdExtend(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdSelectAll(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdDeselectAll(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCutSel(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdCopySel(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdPasteSel(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdPasteMiddle(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdDeleteSel(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdDeleteAll(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdOverstString(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_CHAR);
long onCmdInsertString(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_CSTRING);
long onCmdBackspace(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdDelete(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdToggleEditable(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdToggleEditable(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdToggleOverstrike(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdToggleOverstrike(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdHaveSelection(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdSelectAll(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdSetHelp(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_STRING);
long onCmdGetHelp(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE); // FIXME
long onCmdSetTip(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_STRING);
long onCmdGetTip(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE); // FIXME
long onQueryHelp(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onQueryTip(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
/// Default text delimiters
static const FXchar textDelimiters[];
/// Construct text field wide enough to display ncols columns
%extend {
FXTextField(FXComposite* p,FXint ncols,FXObject* tgt=NULL,FXSelector sel=0,FXuint opts=TEXTFIELD_NORMAL,FXint x=0,FXint y=0,FXint w=0,FXint h=0,FXint pl=DEFAULT_PAD,FXint pr=DEFAULT_PAD,FXint pt=DEFAULT_PAD,FXint pb=DEFAULT_PAD){
return new FXRbTextField(p,ncols,tgt,sel,opts,x,y,w,h,pl,pr,pt,pb);
/// Change text field editability
void setEditable(FXbool edit=TRUE);
/// Return TRUE if text field may be edited
FXbool isEditable() const;
/// Set overstrike mode
void setOverstrike(FXbool over=TRUE);
/// Return TRUE if overstrike mode in effect
FXbool isOverstrike() const;
/// Set cursor position
void setCursorPos(FXint pos);
/// Return cursor position
FXint getCursorPos() const;
/// Change anchor position
void setAnchorPos(FXint pos);
/// Return anchor position
FXint getAnchorPos() const;
/// Set the text for this label
void setText(const FXString& text,FXbool notify=FALSE);
/// Get the text for this label
FXString getText() const;
/// Set the text font
void setFont(FXFont* fnt);
/// Get the text font
FXFont* getFont() const;
/// Change text color
void setTextColor(FXColor clr);
/// Return text color
FXColor getTextColor() const;
/// Change selected background color
void setSelBackColor(FXColor clr);
/// Return selected background color
FXColor getSelBackColor() const;
/// Change selected text color
void setSelTextColor(FXColor clr);
/// Return selected text color
FXColor getSelTextColor() const;
/// Changes the cursor color
void setCursorColor(FXColor clr);
/// Return the cursor color
FXColor getCursorColor() const;
* Change the default width of the text field in terms of a number
* of columns times the width of the numeral '8'.
void setNumColumns(FXint cols);
/// Return number of columns
FXint getNumColumns() const;
* Change text justification mode. The justify mode is a combination of
* horizontal justification (JUSTIFY_LEFT, JUSTIFY_RIGHT, or JUSTIFY_CENTER_X),
* and vertical justification (JUSTIFY_TOP, JUSTIFY_BOTTOM, JUSTIFY_CENTER_Y).
* Note that JUSTIFY_CENTER_X can not be set from the constructor since by
* default text fields are left-justified.
void setJustify(FXuint mode);
/// Return text justification mode
FXuint getJustify() const;
/// Change word delimiters
void setDelimiters(const FXchar* delims=textDelimiters);
/// Return word delimiters
const FXchar* getDelimiters() const;
/// Set the status line help text for this label
void setHelpText(const FXString& text);
/// Get the status line help text for this label
const FXString& getHelpText() const;
/// Set the tool tip message for this text field
void setTipText(const FXString& text);
/// Get the tool tip message for this text field
const FXString& getTipText() const;
/// Change text style
void setTextStyle(FXuint style);
/// Return text style
FXuint getTextStyle() const;
/// Select all text
FXbool selectAll();
/// Select len characters starting at given position pos
FXbool setSelection(FXint pos,FXint len);
/// Extend the selection from the anchor to the given position
FXbool extendSelection(FXint pos);
/// Unselect the text
FXbool killSelection();
/// Return TRUE if position pos is selected
FXbool isPosSelected(FXint pos) const;
/// Return TRUE if position is fully visible
FXbool isPosVisible(FXint pos) const;
/// Scroll text to make the given position visible
void makePositionVisible(FXint pos);
/// Destructor
virtual ~FXTextField();
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