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This directory contains the SWIG interface files used to generate the C++
"wrapper" code for Ruby/FOX as well as a Makefile to assist in the build
Ruby/FOX uses a development version of SWIG (version 1.3a5) to automatically
generate the extension code wrappers. This version of SWIG has some problems
that will hopefully get worked out in later versions.
Some functions and classes are not yet wrapped. These are currently commented
out with the following identifiers:
IDPROB - not sure what to do with the FXID type
INPUTPROB - not sure what to do with the FXInputHandle type
ENDIANNESS - problems for definition of FXRGB macro
OVERLOAD - used for overloaded functions
OPERATOR - function is an operator overload (not supported by SWIG yet)
FIXME - catchall
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